Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What a long gap between items

What started out as a challenge has turned sour somehow. It makes me wonder why I haven't been able to keep up writing daily. For certainly lots happen each day- more than enough information to write about.

Oh well, here I am so that's another boost for the moral. I am hard on myself too I realise. Ah well, glad I am as imperfect as I am. Would be too much to live up to otherwise.

The temperatures outside are slowly dropping to an Autumn level. Rain is present most days though not all day long. Just enough to keep the gardens en lawns wet and the washing in the dryer. We have started using our central heating again - turning it on to take the chill off in the morning and on again in the evening to lull us into a slumber whilst the tv claims our attention.

Not that we watch it  every day and all night. Last night we were like flashlights...on and off. I managed to complete a PowerPoint ( an example for the site which I can only place if I upgrade).

Been feeling a bit grumpy, off colour the past couple of weeks. Haven't had much contact AT ALL with the kids. That makes me so SAD and feeling isolated from them. I know, they are busy people - so am I. The days just cruise by. I am conscious of the contact possibilites because I am online most of the time- they have families to raise, things that keep them busy. I musn't let this get to me. They work hard - do their best and their time too is precious and seeing the age of the children, they have their hands full! My task to be more patient and lenient in my expectations.

To catch up with happenings A-plus Products- I have popped a quite number of flyers in letterboxes, upgraded the website ( again) and added a few workshops. I also sent the info on to the digital local paper. I pray - lots! Not in desperation though, but more in asking for blessings and that people are moved to want to come and attend one of my workshops. Next Monday I have my last known now it is up to the people to be moved to enroll. I am also re-evaluating my 'working week' and taking up writing again. Not to mention wanting to finalise a few albums ( more than a couple ) that have been in the pipeline for some time.

So work aplenty - no time to tarry, as they say!!

Onward and upward to a positive day with chores completed and satisfaction at day's end.