Thursday, 20 September 2012


What a lovely space to hold my workshops at. A homely yet professional 'boardroom' with beamer, screen and comfy chairs.

I have seen 3 happy people after they mastered the art of filing, storing, renaming photos. I have seen grins as they placed photos on the pages of their first album. Wow. It may not be a fat pot isn't exactly rolling in, more like a wee drizzle but the pleasure of seeing these people grow in stature gives me immense joy.

I have two other particitpants yet to accompany on this journey. Once they have finished I hope to have replaced their names with new ones. My next step is to spread pamphlets in neighbourhoods - selecting a number of streets and flats strategically. Also I have an add in the local digital newspaper and am trying to get some titbit info published in the paper version.

Personally I have great faith, hat this will grow and my name ( A-plus) will become a familiar one. I need to sharpen my internet skills so my website becomes more prominent - all learning curves.

To get energised I need to keep focussed on the smiley faces. Some evenings I still tend to drag the chain instead of being busy with the setting up, trying out new software and making the albums on my own list.

The feeling I have when I toddle off to the next workshop event is one of pride and excitement. Now I look forward to an increase in numbers - gradually would be cool - but 6 next week would be AWESOME!

Time to shut down for dinner.... Leen has a council meeting tonight. He is TIRED. Worked all summer getting the collection areas set up, propped up and geared up for next week's annual collection. The tide is out - he is all in. We hope to have a break end of november. So I haven't arranged any dates for then. Will make my next calendar programme ready to publish next week adding other 'flavours' to the list.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday 14th September 2012

Inbelievable...I entertained the notion I would write in my diary (BLOG) daily to keep a record of my doings from birthday to birthday in my last year as a record from 59 till my 60th birthday.

Well I can truly say "this was a too big an ask!"

I have been writing though like I first mentioned. In my Dutch blog, on the website I created.

Now to try to pick up where I left off.

Leen and I have spent all summer home save for 2 weekends away. His work kept him cooped up in his office most days, sometimes till 23:00 or later. Thank goodness end is in sight and we are looking at escaping to the Canary Islands - Tenerife, or somewhere equally warm at the end of November.

I have started giving workshops. It is a slow but satisfying process trying to set myself up as a regular service centre for computer programmes. Have had a request for Photoshop already too. Means I have to keep abreast of all the software too - can't teach what I do not know.

The past month has been hectic to say the least. Was also a bit sad not to have been able to visit the kids this year. Bummer!! My wish to have max 18 months between visits looks to be lengthend to 2 years. Shucks!!!! Thank goodness for SKYPE.

Steve is 30 years old! In November Toni reaches the ripe age of 40. Wow, I will have been a mum for 40 years. What a privilege.

A few weeks ago someone asked how my health was - and I have to say that I have been 'ache free' the past couple of months. Wow, congrats to myself I say! I have more energy and feel enthused and motivated and that has been a long time coming.

I will endeavour to dig deep the coming weeks to do a catch up of events so as I still get a record to reflect on later.

The biggest (worldly)  event has been of course the kick off for the courses I now run. The other great change ( or actually not change but renewed activity has been my faith growth and prayer life). AMEN and Allelujia to that! It is all go!!!!!!!