Thursday, 15 May 2014

My discussion evenings

Wednesday evening - a prayerful, challenging and learning experience. I look forward to these evenings each week although I do have gaps. There are some unique moments when I reneg, like birthdays or special events which override my resolve. Like last week when my husband, brother in law and I went to Scotland for a week.

We have started on a new book. Or should I say - a new topic. Marja Meijers, authoress of a number of thought provoking books on the Ten Commandments hosts, together with her husband Jan, a discussion group. We don't only discuss her writings but also books from other Christian authors.

The book we have elected to dissect is called ' My Neighbour's House. The theme- the last commandment ' Thou shalt not covet...'! Just as in the other books Marja has written, we are encouraged to DO stuff instead of NOT to do stuff. So, instead of Don't steal- GIVE, Don't kill - respect and celebrate LIFE.

The Ten Commandments are guidelines how we should live. Marja has interpreted them in a way they become inspiration instead of a set of rules which we can tick of at the Pearly Gates by saying to Peter -

"No, I didn't kill anyone - tick, 
No I didn't rob a bank - tick,
No, I never checked out the neighbour's wife- check, etc" Can I come in now?

The question we could be asking ourselves therefor is: " What CAN I do, to please the Lord? How can I live my life that brings GLORY to his name?"

So here we were, all 8 of us, starting on our journey to discover how we can live the Commandment;
 " Thou shalt not covet..." Because if we are NOT to covet- then what should we be doing. And before we can answer THAT question, we need to be fully aware what GOD meant with that rule.

Yes, I like my home to be comfortable and in tip top shape, yes, I do admire someone who can quote chapter and verse from the bible without any hesitation - wish it was me, when I see someone wearing a lovely outfit- a wishful thought flashes across my mind!

There is nothing wrong with owning the most recent model BMW, or having a in-ground swimming pool, annual overseas trips or sets of matching gold earrings, bracelet and necklaces. What matters is what part they play in our lives.

I am quite curious where our conversations will lead. How much I will learn and how I measure up to that commandment.

To be continued!

Monday, 5 May 2014

It is May 5th

It is the 5th of May today

May 5th 2014

My sister's birthday today
My one and only sister
Today, on this special date- 5th of May- Freedom in Europe (1945)
Her birthdate is 5-5-'50
Beautiful date easy to remember
Time to reminisce- to look back.

No, she hasn't died- we just aren't on speaking terms. That hurts.

I revel in my memories, which bring a smile to my lips and joy in my heart. 
Our time together is worth remembering.

Today is 5th of May- Liberation Day. I hung the flag out before 7 am. Just like yesterday- only then it hung half mast- Remembering the victims of WWII. Funnily enough there was hardly a breeze yesterday, which meant the flag just drooped- quite appropriate. 

Today with the light breeze it sends a hopeful and cheerful wave to those passing by.

My thoughts are with my grandparents, uncles and all those who offered and gave so much so we could benefit from the freedom we now enjoy and celebrate. A mishmash of emotions. Glad, because we remember and are grateful- sad because of the wars, pain, fear and death still raging on our planet.

Today, a mixed bag. I am grateful for what I have, who I am and what I stand for. I am thankful for the influences of those around me which have made me who I am today. Thanks to my sister, parents, grandparents and all those whose paths have crossed mine. For those who made PEACE happen in my world.

Today is 5th of May 2014 and I aim to celebrate today in a special way