Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tears that flow

Where will it end?

When will the hatred make way for peace?

My heart bleeds for all those in places tormented by war

I weep for those maimed and killed

It goes beyond my comprehension

The slaughter, the devastation

How many more lives are to be sacrificed

Women, children, men all targets of a cruelty

I cannot begin to describe

While my skies turn blue

and the golden rays of sun touches the earth

Elsewhere dark shadows spread destruction

Thirsting on power and the blood of the innocent

Horror filled days followed by uncertain nights

The world - being seen as a prize to be had

By a force filled with darkness

When will those dark hearts turn to the sun

And allow the glow to fill them with LOVE

Love and respect- is what the world needs

The WORLD - gifted to ALL - in LOVE!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Today is Good Friday! And it is GOOD!!

It is a miserable weather day today. Drizzly, windy, overcast- sombre is a good adjective to use here.

It is Good Friday! For many 'just another day'. For believers - a day of remembrance.

Like Christmas when the birth of Jesus is commemorated - today we christians remember his crucifixion.

Does it affect our day to day 'doings?' Not sure. For me it isn't a day to go out and about shopping or washing my windows. It isn't a 'dark day' either - but I keep myself reasonable relaxed- my thoughts returning regularly to THAT EVENT which gives it's name to today - Good Friday.

Because despite the sad event - it is GOOD NEWS. Hard for the not religious minded to grasp maybe - but for those of us who believe in the resurrection- GREAT NEWS in fact.

Yesterday - Holy Thursday, we re-enact and /or remember the last supper. Being servant to all. That no-one is superior. That there is a servant in all of us regardless of rank or stature.

Today, Good Friday - a remembrance to us humans that we are worth saving. Worth dying for.

Tomorrow- a day of anticipation. Of grief and realising the loss - of someone we love.

Easter- THE event to JUMP for JOY for. Resurrection - a NEW BEGINNING!
A new opportunity to MAKE GOOD!

To make a fresh start. Hope for the future and new life!

Alleluja Alleluja


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Playing the tourist

Holidays abroad, safaris and cruises, international destinations, world discovery holidays!

Half the fun of a holiday is in the planning. The prospect alone is a happy one.

Thing is- those listed above cost the earth, and not everyone has the purse for them.

The other thing is - some people only go FAR to discover the world at large- whilst not actually ever having really seen their own country at it's best.

Don't you wonder why people come to visit your homeland? To see what is is they don't have at home.

The past 4 years my husband and I have been playing Tourist in own country'. Awfully good fun.

The past 2 years a couple (  of VERY GOOD FRIENDS) have joined us. And as a 4-some we criss cross the countryside- taking in all the sights and impressions we lay our eyes on.

And what a lovely sights we see.

Ever done it? No I don't mean that when you travel to a destination - you happen to see what's on the way. But to make the trip the holiday! The hotel is only a place to stay.

First tip: Find a hotel (best deal) in a remote township. Book a night. Don't check out the area till you have booked.
Second tip: Get together with driver and plan route. Village here, side road there- maybe a unsealed one to boot. They are FUN!
Third tip: Make sure there is a coffee + lunch + afternoon tea stop planned. Select the spots ( roughly) weather and traffic congestion set the pace)
Fourth tip: If necessary of tickles your fancy- take a thermos- or two, picknick lunch and some cold refreshments.
Fifth tip: Remember your camera.

No plans yet for autumn, spring of an odd day away... then I say, " Go for it".  Be tourist in your own country en ENJOY!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Content, satisfied, happy

How I wish I could say I start every day this way.

Well I do often start with a smile and certainly full of energy and 'get up and go'. It is just not always possible to hold onto this feeling. Well, not 'not possible'. Let's say I tend to occasionally let this feeling slip through my fingers.

But recently, I have been challenging myself to 'get a grip' on my day. On the 24 hours ahead. On the events that are planned and unplanned.

We receive the newspaper every day in our letterbox. It is becoming more and more unappealing to spending my precious time reading it. So depressive - so downgrading and morose.

The wee bits of 'good news' do not restore the balance. Good news doesn't sell I am told. Bolderdash I say!  My thoughts that is.( see my opinion)  Good news is like a sun in the sky, like a smile from a friend, a shoulder tap to say 'well done'. Good news is knowing life is a gift, a treasure and a place to 'do well'. Good news is something we can all add to. To make, to create, to share.

How can GOOD NEWS be a BAD thing?

While my daughter, son in law and children stayed - at the end of the day the children ( and adults) had to mention 2 BEST things of the day. It was hard to choose. Because a day has more GOOD moments than one can sum up.

Try it - I suggest - even if you are an up and up happy person - try at the end of the day to restrict your ' Good news' moments to TWO.

It is 10:49 am and I already have a long long list of GOOD stuff so I know it will be hard to choose this evening.

Happy - Blessed - Enjoyable and Satisfying day everyone.


if not for yourself- then for those around you!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

On air

I had the most amazing experience Friday and an even more amazing one today.

It has to do with the radio.

The subject was: Immigration

Topic: The differences

The Interviewee: ME!

Recently I was approached by a radio station - specially for Dutch people away from home ( for whatever length of time or reason).

If I would share my experiences of my to-ing and fro-ing between New Zealand and Nederland.

The point of the exercise being that the interviewer wanted to highlight the differences between home and the new homeland.

It so transpires that I have had ( to date) an absolutely blessed and rich life. My hope is of course that it stays that way for a long time to come.

Back to the subject: Radio Interview!

My parents left Nederland because they wanted a 'better' life for their 4 children. Seeing as I was barely 8 - better was a vague concept. I had all I needed - I wasn't burdened with the things that weigh parents down. So different for me about where I was to live - not being able to visit family and friends and learning a new language.

After 5 years in our new 'homeland' we returned to Nederland due to a health issue my baby brother was faced with. We still returned with 4 children, leaving the eldest behind.

Life happens, things evolve. The return was positive in the sense that my brother's health issue was no longer an issue thanks to the wonderful medical care and solution they offered. Bit by bit- fragmented as it were, we all ended up back in New Zealand. Now all for our own reasons.

I met a New Zealander, married, had a family and enjoyed a good life.

Then life happened some more.

In July 2000 I landed at Schiphol airport for a years sabbatical. Returned shortly after to New Zealand and packed my belongings to return to Nederland- home. Apparently where my heart was and is.

Having just had that interview has brought back many happy and also sad memories- the whys and wherefors and the knowledge that NEDERLAND is my home, that I have a wonderful 2nd home to visit when I see my children, grandchildren and dear friends with whom I have stayed in contact.

Immigration - a world apart- an enriching experience not to be stepped into lightly. Yet an opportunity for all to 'better' ones circumstance. For whatever reason.

Thanks to the interviewer who listened to  my ramblings - an experience I will not forget.

For Dutch listeners EVERYWHERE

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Opinions, pre-conceived notions or just 'thoughts!

Who doesn't have some? Opinions I mean.

A newspaper article, a tv program or item on the news can spark a deluge of comments on social media these days. Experts, couch potatoes, affected or spectators alike vent their thoughts sometimes unashamedly raw and uncensured.

I do believe in free thinking - but that doesn't mean that one can express whatever - and not take into account how one delivers the message of discontent or other way of thinking.

In my opinion that is!

Opinions are as varied as birds in the air, fish in the ocean and grains of sand on the beaches.
The have as many shapes as the clouds that float in the sky and drift by in the many strengths of breezes that stirs the air.

And it is important to be able to vent these opinions, thoughts, analyses of events that happen daily on this planet. Because most of what happens effects us all. Or at least some of us.

How wonderful it would be to not have an opinion - or would life then be too dull? Too empty and mundane? Always either agreeing ( oh no that is an opinion too isn't it?) or not agreeing - just being silent and 'getting on' with life.

For some reason, opinions tend to evoke defensive retributions and sometimes even hostile reactions. As if one has to DEFEND one's opinion. Because an opinion is just that- nothing more nothing less.

Someone else's point of view....! 

Which is to some like a red rag to a bull

No-one has to take 'it' onboard. Maybe it is important just to be heard. To shed light on a subject from different angle. This enables people to see something from an other perspective.

There are times when it takes 'guts' to voice an opinion - especially when the topic is very sensitive or the consequences far reaching.




Health Services


High income earners ( in Public offices)

Food shortages

Natural resources

Save the Whale - etc

Become a donor

I live in a country where we 'attempt' to uphold the freedom to voice whatever is on your mind. Publicly and without censure. This, unfortunately, leeds to some very heated debates, discussions and sometimes violent reactions. One of our most outspoken politicians has been surrounded by body- guards since he started speaking, unreservedly, his mind, and on the other hand, not being able to 'take' the results of his verbal outbursts. This has caused some danger to his personal safety - hence the need for protection of the most invasive kind.

Some 'share' their thoughts in a most provocative way causing unrest, riots even. Makes me wonder what their intention is from the outset.

Those that shout the loudest have the biggest profile- are seen AND heard but are they listened to?

I form opinions or a point of view on many subjects as a natural reaction to receiving information that is 'sent' my way via the various options available in today's world.

I don't react to all of them - but am thankful I can be heard without fear for reprisals - other than reactions from those who think other thoughts.

Guess what I am trying to say is - a BIT OF RESPECT goes a long way while sharing our thoughts - which are after all only personal statements to be reflected on.