Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday (again) 29th March 2012

With the speed of light the days turn into night. Before you know it we will be celebrating Christmas again. Still I aim to enjoy the coming months and take each moment as it comes. I think why I am noticing the changes in time so abruptly is due to the fact that I write these BLOGS. I suppose if I were to do it daily ( a promise I did make myself originally) I would relive the day all over again. Now all events are dumped on a heap - so to speak - and hence the speed at which I appear to zoom through life. Lighten up mum.

This week is a vast contrast to last week...happily enough. I started to feel a bit  human again round Thursday and picked up the pieces of a fragmented week. Yet another funeral too, oom Cees died the 3rd March and his darling wife, tante Mar the 18th of March. Together forever. They had known each other for 75 years. Can you imagine that? I can't. Anyway, it wasn't so much as it was a sad farewell, because at 88 the farewell was inevitable, but knowing they are now BOTH gone closed the book permenantly. Awesome people who enriched my life if only for an eyewink in their exsistance.

The past week I have been actively busy with my business venture, the OZMOZpot. I held two info meetings with invitees to gauge the interest, comments and possible drawbacks of the pot. It is important to me to get some feedback on the design before the actual production takes place. That way any cosmetic hohum can be ironed out. It was a completely enlightening and enjoyable activity. The photos are still on the camera and seeing the camera isn't within reach I will post them later.

All things being equal, and I have slogged at this, with fervour and willingness I might add, this product is sure to be a hit more in some circles than others. The practicality of the pot will be embraced with open arms in some circles and be a definite outcome for those who daren't "keep" a plant as they keep dying due to lack of attention.

Schools, offices and the like can also benefit from the user friendly system to help purify the air and bring some form of "pleasure feeling" in the surroundings for those using the spaces for work or whatever.

Anyway, I aim to do my utmost to get this product on the market and make my newly founded business a success. Then onward to the doors!!

On the home front, due to the lovely warm temperatures we have the MG parked out front. Yesterday was an ideal time to just "pop out" for an hour or so to have the breeze clear our heads ready for session 2 in the evening. Lovely. Today the roof stays on and we stay indoors... it is about 10 degrees cooler in  temperature and it's CHILLY.

I managed to connect an Extender today so I now have an internet connection "down in the garden" and am at this very moment in my "Wendy house" working. How peacefull is that? Awesome. I am a truly blessed person.

Well, I will sign off for now. The week is one I look back on with a positive "feel good" feeling. Achieved lots, kept my nose clean and have energy to spare ( well sort of).

TTFN xxx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday morning, bright and sunny. Wish I was. After a fun filled weekend with lots happening I woke Monday early hours only to discover it was 4:15 am and I felt horribly ill. A viral bug had found me, despite my comings and goings and settled in me and made my insides it's home banning all that housed there. YUKYUKYUK!! All I have had this winter was a bit of a cold. I didn't pay it much heed although it did lay me low for a day or so. Apparently I should have been more careful. Never mind. I am on the mend, keeping a low profile today so I can go about my business again tomorrow. Things to do people to see....

As I said, there were a number of fun things on the weekend. To the movies and dinner on Friday night with Harry and Hinriette. Saw Black Gold. I rate it a 6 to 7 max. Wasn't bad and the location was awesome which saved the day. Dinner at Kampong Kita (= our village) was as per usual a delicious experience.

Saturday evening we had the BIG event, Hinriette's 50th birthday bash. It was fun. About 40 odd guests and a good atmosphere. A diverse group of people and Hinriette's bubbly personality ensured we had a great night. A buffet style Tapas evening saw to it we didn't go hungry.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to attend the Annual start of the Convertible Season. A bit chilly, and I was already a bit "under the weather"  so we kept the roof on. Good too as it started to rain on and off. All in all a good trip and met some nice people. This was our first time on this tour, and we now know how this event is run.

There were 250 registered participants. That was also the maximum that were allowed to take part. We registered at 224....phew! Got in just in time. This event starts in Lelystad every year and is organised by the Fiat convertible club " Barchetta"

Thursday, 15 March 2012

It is Thursday again...a week has flown by. Been really busy with one thing and another. Farewelled a life long friend of pa ( Leen snr) last Friday. Met some old acquaintances of Leen (jnr) at the cremation and rekindled that contact. What a lovely couple. The afternoon was spent running around town picking up this, dropping of that - you know, all those little jobs one puts off because they seem trivial but do need attending to. The weather was good too. A bit of sunshine, no wind and rather mellow.

Saturday Leen went off to the "keet" ( pronounced "kate"- sort of). We are guides in the Hollands Biesbosch, and are guardians of a special monumental area which is constantly in need of attention and nurturing. I usually go too but have decided now to only go every fortnight. Have enough here to keep me busy as well. At 16:45 I joined Leen at the Biesbosch as we were being treated to an annual " thank you"  outing along with other volunteers and employees. At 17:30 we were whisked away by bus to Rotterdam to a Mini Railz exhibition. Was quite fun. Were also treated to a buffet style meal at the attraction. Along with 103 other people we thoroughly enjoyed this outing that we would not have selected for ourselves but in a group like we were it was fun and certainly worth the time. A great wet day attraction for train fanatics and children!

Sunday we finally got to " celebrate"  Leen's 58th birthday with his dad ( pa/opaopa), brother Arie, aunt (tante Jaantje) and "our"  mother in law (ma/ Irene's mum). The " oldies"  are indeed that. All octogenerians - 84, 85 and 82 respectively. I had baked, which they always so appreciate and made a delicious courgette soup with savoury muffins.

At 14:00 we had the place to ourselves. The sun was lovely and warm so we went down the garden and opened the summerhouse.
I had reconnected the water supply the day before and made it " cosy"  after the chilly winter months. We had used it then but with a heater and condensation on the windows it is less attractive than now in the spring with colour and a warm breeze. Tried to find the photo I took but it hasn't appeared in the iMAc for some reason. Round the time I planned to cook tea, friends Harry, Hinriette and their son Joey arrived with their brand new car, Dacia -Duster they picked up the day before. Leen off for a spin. We had a coffee and the boys a beer and decided we might as well order dinner. Unfortunately the place we rang had a bit of a problem...with what is still unclear but we waited 1 3/4 for our meal. Man were we frustrated. Had rung, got a tall tale, rung again, same tale and just as Leen was going to cancel the meal they turned up at the door. The boss himself coming to apologise. Nice of him but it didn't turn back the clock. Still, the food was GOOD! and we were HUNGRY.

Monday rolled into Tuesday, Wednesday wasn't a fishday. Pa had a checkup appointment with his cardiologist. The weather was great though. I have been working on my project, getting a step further in realising my goal with every step. Nice to be getting positive feedback from various people too. Have sent invitations for Wednesday morning and evening 28th March to about 40 people to come to a product information/ introduction session and have a leaflet with statements and room for comments. Just to gauge interest and get feedback on the product and it's potential. Now need to get cracking with a presentation. And on the 25th april ( Anzac day I believe) I am to have a stand at the local garden centre again to gauge public interest for the product. I don't know if the site has been updated yet. This is the KIWI site. So check out the product and see what you think.

It is Thursday I said at the start of this addition: The sun is up and high in the sky, the weather conditions are ideal for a ride in the MG. I need to deliver a sample to the potential plastics firm who have shown interest in producing the product so Leen and I are going to do it in style.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Thursday 8th March 2012

It was on my mind all day, make sure you are online for a SKYPE with Max for his birthday. And somewhere in the hustle and bustle, I lost track of time, till Leen called me from upstairs " Anita, your SKYPE is ringing -" someone wants to SKYPE with you!" Darling Max, happy birthday sweetheart!! 12 years old. Where has the time gone? I was so happy to hear that granddad was there on your special day. Awesome, and he baked you a cake. Bet it was yum! Your party- dinner was cool to looking at the photos. Glad you had a great day. Love the t-shirt by the way! Great choice. Hope you get to wear it for a long time yet. Will look out for a bigger size if you like.

My prezzie is in the keep your eyes peeled. Hopefully the card did arrive on time. Don't have much faith in the " renewed" postal service I have to say. I love you! Omaxxx

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

After his wife died in January 1998 as a result of a brain haemorrhage, Leen's dad started coming over for lunch every Wednesday. It became FISH LUNCH DAY. Leen and his first wife Irene both had the Wednesday off so it became a "family lunch". After Irene died in January 2001, Leen and his dad continued the routine. Since my arrival on the scene in 2003 we saw no reason to change this ritual. Quite cool really. So today I will organise lunch as Leen is at a meeting and expected home round the time the fish will be on the table.
We don't eat the same dish every week, I try to bring some surprise elements into the lunch. Sometimes I buy "ready made"and sometimes I make something myself. It is a fun afternoon. During the exceptionally cold spells we take the lunch to Dordrecht where Leen's dad lives. It is too cold for him then to venture out. Health wise things are pretty good all things considered. He does battle with an oxygen shortage and cold temperatures and strong winds are his enemy. He prefers the warmer temperatures. At 83 he is still a remarkably independent person, cooking daily, drives and still does his own washing. He does have 3 hours a week home help for the heavier tasks like vacuuming and such like.

Leen senior and Leen junior enjoying their  fish menu on a Wednesday.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Oh deary me. There has been so much happening I forgot to mention one of the ultimate highlights.... the launching of Duncan & Ebbet, Tristram Street in Hamilton. Toni and Craig have taken the plunge and have started their own business. I am so impressed. What an investment, what a dare!! Well done guys and I wish you EVERY success in the world. (

I wanted to mark the day with a special splash of colour....! And Poppies in Hamilton did me proud. To top it off, it was Craig's birthday a few days a hectic time was had by all.

I believe the interior of the showroom is also spectacular. Toni must have had a hand in that, being so talented in that area. The website is classy too. Well done once again.

Thursday afternoon March 1st 2012.

The month started well. Leen, Arie and Harry left for Newcastle from IJmuiden with one of the channel ferries from DFDS Seaways. The crossing takes all night. So a floating hotel really. Boarding at 5pm and arriving in Newcastle at 9am. Spend the day and board again 5pm. Arriving home next morning. A nice outing especially with good weather. This was Harry's maiden overnighter although he had been to England before. The 3 of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had good weather.

While they were away, Hinriette and I enjoyed "quiet time"  at home and also treated ourselves to a brunch at Restaurant Altro in Kijkduin, Den Haag on the Friday morning. Quiet decadent really but oh such fun. The service was attentive, the food was well presented and very fresh. The prosecco was ever so delicious. Although it was a chilly morning the clouds parted and we managed to walk the boulevard in sunshine. We walked through the shopping arcade where there were lots of smallish boutiques, more restaurants and the like.

On our way back we stopped in Delft at one of our largest IKEA stores for a couple of items we wanted to buy there. Neither of the two were present but we still managed to accumulate some " necessary's". By the time we got home I was totalled. Didn't get to plant the bulbs I had bought. I did however try out a new recipe using bulgar wheat. It is like couscous only coarser. Made a nicely tasting oven dish and had enough for 2 nights.

Saturday morning and I was up and about at the crack of dawn. Had some chores I wanted finished before we left for De Hoge Veluwe. I cleaned out the chook and rabbit runs. Unfortunately I made a wrong movement and one of the chooks decided to spread it's wings. Haven't been able to recapture it to date and don't even know where it is hanging out at present. The garden looks a picture with all the bulbs I planted. When we re-designed the garden last year all bulbs and plants were removed, shifted and will not be returned. So it is "new" we need. After a couple of hours I finally made it back inside, tidied myself, packed an overnight bag and drove over to Hinriette's place to pick her up. Harry and Leen were back on solid soil and driving back to Papendrecht, first dropping Arie off home. So we were to wait at our place s we could leave as soon as they arrived back.

After switching cars, the men hogged the back seat while Hinriette and I drove them to de Veluwe ( It's about an hour and quarter from home.. so not an arduous drive at all. The clouds parted somewhat and even though there was a wee breeze, the temp was pleasant. We lunched at the Koperen Kop in the park itself, drove through the park and checked in at the hotel  De Boer'nKinkel, Hoenderloo.(

We sorted out our dinner time and deposited the bags. Returned to the park and took to the free white bikes ( 1700) for a ride in the park. A visit to Jachthuis St. Hubertus and after spotting some deer, we were happy chappies.

Dinner was at 19:30 so we made sure that we were changed into suitable dress and seated on time. And what a heavenly meal it was. A 6 course meal of which we couldn't fault anything. The wine served was perfect with each course. The waiter knows his stuff! All in all a superb day topped off with a delicious meal and a good night's rest on comfortable beds.

The next morning after having spoilt Leen a day early for his birthday and having enjoyed a leisurely breakfast we left the hotel and went to Burger's Zoo, in Arnhem. Awesome. Had been there on the 3rd of January when they held their annual Indonsian Festival there. Now all the animals ( well nearly all) were back outside and the Safari was open. We spent the whole day just oohing and aahing! At the end of the day the weather changed dramatically. We were glad to have " done"  the outside attractions earlier in the day. Inside in the tropical conditions the temperature was pleasant and we stayed dry save for the dew drops off the plants etc.

To round off this "instead of London"  weekend we dined at the Goudrenet Restaurant along the A15. And scrumptious it was too. Now it is back to the grind....

Leen's birthday went well. A wee gathering ( 8 for coffee- they devoured the appeltaart!) and cup cakes for the councillors during their meeting that evening. Did manage a bit of a birthday tea.... home made pasta with tuna and black olive sauce.

As I said, March started well, as did February and January. Looking back a good start to 2012 and fun to boot. Quite a contrast to last year I must say. The highlight there being a visit to the kids seeing how much the Duncan 3 have grown, sending time with Toni, Craig and Steve and Kylie..... Summah's first cuddle and special time with Reece, Ros Max and Kirk. The rest of the year wasn't something I want to repeat in a hurry - wasn't all bad just the bits that were were aweful!

Sun is out, time to check and see if I can find our rebel chook..... wish now I had clipped those wings!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Having a " different day than planned" today!

In March 2010 Leen, brother in law Arie, Harry and Hinriette and I went to Paris. We had a ball. Thursday till Sunday was one big holiday. We must do this again, we decided. So plot and plan we did! We booked from 1st of March till 5th March we would toddle off to London. A short week ago we heard out trip wasn't going ahead due to lack of bookings. Bummer. We have " rescheduled" so Leen is off to Newcastle with Harry and Arie. Saturday when they return, Arie goes home and Harry, Hinriette, Leen and I are off to Park the Hoge Veluwe in Hoenderloo. Two days and one night but really nice.
  Oh my, what a shiny red nose oma!!

Now that the departure day has arrived I can with all certainty say" thank goodness we aren't off to London". I think I would have had to stay home alone!!!!! So thank you all those who reneged and didn't book. You saved me a dissapointment. Now I can gleefully wallow in a bit of self pity, relax with hot toddies, bubble bath, electric blanket and some paracetemol. Sould be all unsnuffeled and clear eyed again by tomorrow, and Saturday at the latest.

Shows you how quickly the tide can change. Yesterday was a " pick of the bunch"  day. Got up reasonably early. Baked an appeltaart, straightened the lounge, washed and vacuumed the floors ( after  my painting episode) and got some yummy lunch items. At 11:00 friends arrived. Henk and Dicky Möhle from Barneveld. Leen has known Henk since his wee boy days and the contact has been maintained all these years. We had a lovely day...and as it was Wednesday ( Wednesday is fish lunch day with opaopa) we surprised opaopa when he came for his lunch. Who opened the door, Henk! Poor opaopa almost fainted. We lunched, laughed, went for a lovely walk in the Merwelanden and just enjoyed the day. Did already have the sniffles though but had hoped that they would just evaporate into thin air. After Henk and Dicky left Leen and I topped the day of with a quick bite at our favourite Greek restaurant.

Henk had previously availed himself to give me some guidance when it came to my business dealings. He himself a TOTALLY successful business man, and having an amazing network, insight and creative brain. It could be we see more of him in the future as he is a supporter of my quest and interested in seeing it succeed. I felt even more confident I was onto a good thing after my talk with him. So onward and upward we go.