Monday, 25 August 2014

Chosing a subject

Last week I had Wednesday evening off - there was no 'book-talk-discuss' group as there were quite a few people on holiday. I have been writing reflective pieces on this topic ( To covet or not to covet!) so now I have the opportunity to take a break and tackle another topic.

Opinions- who doesn't have one? One just needs to read the morning paper, or the Facebook messages to see what items interest people and tempt them to react. I try to remain objective - and that is hard when I read some of the responses both insulting and degrading. So I have stopped reading them - the Letters to the Editor was once a favourite page where I would devour peoples gripes, ideas and challenging outlooks on life.

I could decide to Blog about the terrible injustices, the wars, the inhumane situations people face in their own world - far away from mine. How would that help them? How would that change what is happening? Would my Blog stop a war, feed and heal the ill and malnourished?

Not wanting to write about these situations doesn't mean I am not aware, or don't care - I just feel utterly helpless and down spirited about it all. And that surely doesn't help those in my immediate space. If I am disgruntled, morose, depressed - I affect those in my vicinity in a most negative way. Certainly not the way to help create a beter world.

Many years ago when my children were young I had a tape of Children's Songs. It was called - The Creekbank. One of the songs had as subject - "Drop a pebble into water and watch the circles grow". Pity I can't transfer it from the tape onto a CD- never mind! I can still 'hear' the words and the song when I think about it.

The lesson is quite clear: Everything we do - has a ripple effect. If I am down in the dumps - so are those around me. If I smile - I have a good chance I will get a smile too. And if I dwell on the sad things in life - so will those around me. To spend the day bemoaning the situation others find themselves in - will definitely NOT help their situation.

That doesn't mean turn a blind eye - and if there are practical things we can do to help - blankets to
homeless, monetary donations to the Red Cross to name a few, then Do them. But most of all my dear friends - we need to keep the faith. We need to keep praying for PEACE. We need to BELIEVE that those wielding the POWER see that there are better ways to resolve their issues.

Matthew 22:34 - 39 states;
Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. One of them, an expert in the Law, tested him with this question. " Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law?" Jesus replied: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbour as yourself."

If we ( humans)  love our neighbour, and if we love ourselves - how come we are slaughtering each other?

Modern version

Sunday, 17 August 2014


It is Sunday - for many to fill with prayer, to share with family, to 'go out and about' or to ' laze about'. For some to work, think of nursing staff, our police and the food and public transport  industry to name a few. I am going to use some of the time to write up my BLOG.

The past couple of months I have taken part discussing the ins and outs of a book called

 ' My Neighbour's House'. 

The discussion group is a diverse group of people who all have various backgrounds and convictions. One thing we DO have in common ( well we have more but this one is the BIGGEST) is FAITH.


The subject, as it suggests - has to do with what OTHERS HAVE and maybe we WANT.

Funny, a thought just occurred to me - literally while writing - How often do we want the LOVE that others hold dear, or the PEACE that some people radiate? Hmmm.... going to think on that one!

Anyway, the purpose of the book is not to see how we should NOT want what others have - but
HOW we achieve WHAT we go for in life.

The way to the means tells a lot about the person and how important we think something is.

Do we sacrifice time with family to fill a need to be out with friends for a ' good night out' instead of a good night in?- yes, babies cry, teenagers sulk and wives/husbands can be cranky! SO WHAT - be there and try to make a difference.

Do we ' break all bounds' and ' do what it takes' to make promotion, buy that car or upgrade the home? ( Bigger isn't always better - especially mortgages)

Do we alter our friendship group because the one we are in leads to feeling inept, not good enough or always expecting more!?

Recently an article appeared in our daily paper about a family on holiday. They went ( apparently) unprepared- had their cash card eaten at the ATM and were ' bound' to the camping. They had little or no money so couldn't 'eat out everyday' and the kids were bored because they HAD TO spend the whole day at the pool or in the playground at the camping ground. HOW sad was THAT!!?? The accompanying photo was of the family with drooped lip faces and almost tears on their cheeks.


A lovely camping ground in warm sunny France, a cosy caravan, good health ( Mother had just recovered from a hernia and had received a clean bill of health). And the headline read " Holiday from Hell."

Now that's what the book and the 10th commandment is all about - the wanna haves and the have nots and how we handle them. 

A must read, truly. Most enlightening. We haven't read to the end yet - so will keep you posted on further insights and developments.