Sunday, 30 November 2014

It is all in the preparation

First Sunday of Advent

Today, the first Advent candle will be lit in preparation for Christmas.

Like all events, both joyful and sad, we prepare. Each 'theme' has a ritual all of it's own, unique to the circumstance.

The energy we engage in the preparation tells us how special the up and coming event is to us.

Things to consider are: the importance of the event, the people involved or those you wish to involve, the setting, decorations or to keep it sober, food, music and a host of other practical issues.

This, the first Sunday of Advent, is the starting shot for the preparations for the feast of Christmas, the birth of Christ our saviour. Baby Jesus. Mary is preparing to give birth. A young woman facing the prospect of becoming a mum. And in her situation, a special mum. A mum to a special child.

It takes me back to my pregnancy, being far from my parents and other family in a country that was my new home.

I will be thinking about new mums this week, those far from home, from familiar surroundings, facing the birth of their fist born. Their special child.

My thoughts will be on the impact this child will have on the parents and extended family. The prospects and realisation( or not)  of dreams.

In prayer I will ask for guidance, strength and support for all those preparing for a new life.

May your preparations too be thorough and exciting at the prospect of the things to come.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Who is with me on this?

It has been a lovely, lazy yet well filled Sunday. The sun gently warmed the earth, the rooftop of our home and the last of the flower heads after a long season in bloom.

I can remember going to work in the wee early morning hours, slip sliding on the frosty roads and returning with snowflakes gently falling on the road before me. Somehow those early long cold winters have adjusted themselves to something more comfortable - not that I minded the snow. I have a preference for the cooler seasons. If I was to have to have to name a favourite season my choice would be difficult. If I had to name my least liked season - easy - Summer. Not a fleeting one - but those LONG drawn out HOT summers that some people seem to thrive on. They drain me.

So what a wonderful start to November. Unheard of according to those who keep a record of the country's temperatures and weather charts.

On a day like today one could almost assume that all is well in the world. That birds everywhere sing their happy songs, that all children laugh and play and that families are united at the dinner table to discuss what intrigues them. Smiling faces, laughter, a filled belly and contentment all round. Well, one can dream........!

On such a beautiful day I was taken aback that my thoughts went out to WAR verses PEACE! and the futility of it all.

Never, or at least not since records were being held - have the inhabitants of this planet lived in peace.

It saddens me. And I am left wondering - Wondering why rulers, governments of countries find it their business to step into a quarrel that isn't theirs. This action is often justified by saying " but we want to HELP- we want to help provide the solution, to stop the fighting"

Subsequently,  they GO AND FIGHT! 
How in Heaven's name does that HELP anyone or anything. 
Those soldiers don't bring peace they bring GUNS.
The soldiers have hatred in their hearts - what you have in you - you portray!
And the killing, the war, the struggle for power continues.

What would be ideal would be soldiers who bring PEACE - not with guns, but with love, with acceptance and tolerance. I pray for peace and love in the hearts of those who have taken up arms. I know, you are going to respond by saying - we don't live in an IDEAL WORLD. Well, pardon me if I don't agree.

This planet and all creation was created in all it's PERFECTION. Then as cherry on the cake - people were created. To serve this planet, to nurture, guard and tend it. To protect life and hold it dear.

WHEN oh WHEN are we going to heed that call?

Spread HAPPINESS people - PLEASE spread happiness and not WAR.

Let the birds sing their songs for ALL to hear. 
Let all children laugh and play.
Fill all bellies with food.
Let laughter fill the air

No, I am not a doom thinker. I am hopeful. Hopeful that more and more people realise that WAR isn't the way. And by adding my 5 cents worth I may just sow a seed somewhere, somehow.

And it starts with me. Who is going to join me?

I am going to fill my heart daily with LOVE. Keep topping it up till I RADIATE it so I can help spread LOVE.

( check out this link and be inspired)