Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Introducing- Bax!

Well, HE has arrived. My newest grandson. His name is Bax. I now have a Max and a Bax- how cool is that? Awesome. My grandson Archie is pleased too. He is surrounded by girls, two sisters and two girl cousins- and now finally a BOY cousin close at hand for him to play with.

It is a bonny lad. Won't say wee because he is fully grown and developed with robust chubby cheeks. A gorgeous bundle of joy. Ten fingers and toes. Dark hair and sparling eyes.

These are the harder moments in my life. The tender, loving sharing caring and emotional events when I struggle somewhat with the physical distance between us all as a family. That I cannot just ' pop in'  to have a cuddle, a cuppa, share the moment. Over the years I have learnt how to cope, how to enjoy what I have and not dwell on what I miss. In not too distant a future we will ALL be together as a family. My three children and their families. Awesome. Time to BE mum and oma. New moments to treasure and enjoy. We may live far apart however we are a close family who keep in touch, support one and other and care for each other. Distance hasn't affected how we love and care for each other- except that we intensely enjoy our times together knowing these moments are precious.

This knowledge of what is and is to come has sustained me these past few weeks. And that is just as well. My faith has once again been sorely tested due to events we have had to endure. Once again my faith in 'friendships and trust'  has suffered another disappointment. People we trusted and held dear have managed to prove that they were not of that pure and trustworthy character we thought them to be. I once again was challenged in my belief that I had placed in others. While I should have immediately entrusted this disappointment and pain in my God, I felt removed from His presence. Yet He was right there with me, in my misery.

Just like I can feel close to my children en be present at events via SKYPE- so too is God closer at hand that I give Him credit for. I thought I had to reach out and search for Him whilst all the time He was right there in my sadness and pain, wanting to comfort and sustain me.

My children and grandchildren may live far away, they are close in my heart and head. I can call upon them at all times. So too is help and support from my God at hand at ALL times. A lesson I hopefully have now finally learnt. About time one could say! I live and learn daily.

Well, I hadn't intended to have a summer stop with my writing. Wasn't planned but happened naturally which isn't a bad thing. It is Tuesday and daily routines are slowly being restored. It has been an amazing summer, with lots of sunshine, great and happy moments and certainly room for some much needed R & R. I am all set to pick up where I left off.

I feel that I lead a privileged and blessed life- despite the ups and downs! Onward and upward- there are, as always, happy events in the offing. I aim to enjoy.......!