Friday, 17 August 2012

A-plus Products

I cannot believe it. Have I been that busy I haven't written in my diary for THAT long!!?? What a shame really. It means that lots has been happening and I haven't written about it.

Yes, lots has been happening. I recovered and realised - I CAN do (almost) anything. The things I cannot do is only because I haven't tried- or never occurred to me I needed to learn how to do them, or never needed them.

So, what CAN I do. I can teach. I can write. I am creative, I can stay focussed ( am working on that skill-getting better all the time).

Then it was a matter of saying: what do I WANT to do with what I can do. I want to work independantly, from home and at my own pace.

So, I thought, go design your future - well, my working future that is. The future that entails earning my keep financially. Not only to be co-responsible for the day to day running of our lives and home but also to save for the trips to the children and be able to keep supporting that wonderful initiative- Travelight/ Teen Challenge.

I am enthusiastic, keen as mustard. I need to concentrate especially in this early stage, as one only makes one good impression- that is what makes or breaks a venture. is in business folks.

Watch this space. It is a project continually in development

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