Thursday, 20 September 2012


What a lovely space to hold my workshops at. A homely yet professional 'boardroom' with beamer, screen and comfy chairs.

I have seen 3 happy people after they mastered the art of filing, storing, renaming photos. I have seen grins as they placed photos on the pages of their first album. Wow. It may not be a fat pot isn't exactly rolling in, more like a wee drizzle but the pleasure of seeing these people grow in stature gives me immense joy.

I have two other particitpants yet to accompany on this journey. Once they have finished I hope to have replaced their names with new ones. My next step is to spread pamphlets in neighbourhoods - selecting a number of streets and flats strategically. Also I have an add in the local digital newspaper and am trying to get some titbit info published in the paper version.

Personally I have great faith, hat this will grow and my name ( A-plus) will become a familiar one. I need to sharpen my internet skills so my website becomes more prominent - all learning curves.

To get energised I need to keep focussed on the smiley faces. Some evenings I still tend to drag the chain instead of being busy with the setting up, trying out new software and making the albums on my own list.

The feeling I have when I toddle off to the next workshop event is one of pride and excitement. Now I look forward to an increase in numbers - gradually would be cool - but 6 next week would be AWESOME!

Time to shut down for dinner.... Leen has a council meeting tonight. He is TIRED. Worked all summer getting the collection areas set up, propped up and geared up for next week's annual collection. The tide is out - he is all in. We hope to have a break end of november. So I haven't arranged any dates for then. Will make my next calendar programme ready to publish next week adding other 'flavours' to the list.

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