Saturday, 22 March 2014

The past week's activities

Monday morning: Off to see my cousin's daughter in Geertruidenberg. Got her started on her Blog. Going on an exciting journey wit her mother- and wanting to document the whole event from start to finish.
Monday afternoon: In the kitchen baking of a High Tea to be held Tuesday.
Monday evening: Everything ship shape for receiving guests tomorrow still for my husband's 60th birthday.
Tuesday: High Tea: Was absolutely wonderful: old aunts and a few cousins sharing tales from yesteryear. Lots of laughter and hilarities. Fun for all.
Tuesday evening: Made a digital photo album " Summer holidays - the Duncan kids".
Wednesday: Crack of dawn - 06:20am on my bike to the voting booth ( church hall) where I was stationed for the duration of voting for City Council elections.
Wednesday evening: Finished at voting booth round 10 pm- then off to Council Chambers  and home at 00:15
Thursday morning: Visit to friends who returned home after trip away.
Thursday afternoon: Film with mother in law, 12 Years a Slave. Heavy!
Thursday evening: Dinner out with husband and brother in law, meeting till 11:30 pm home 00:15 ( again).
Friday: Once up and about and off on an errand realised I wasn't going to hack it. The couch looked awfully tempting- and I succumbed.
Friday evening: Early to bed.

Saturday morning: Resolution- Attempt to avoid such full on and hectic weeks in the future.

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