Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ode to Friendship- I am truly blessed

In the past week I had the privilege of having had contact with a number of friends. Dear friends, all sparkling pearls, everyone a treasure in their own right. The reasons for the contact was as diverse in it's contents that I experienced once again a richness that added colour to my life.

During breakfast this morning I pondered on the fact- is it possible to have 1 VERY BEST FRIEND? I sometimes hear people say ( after having achieved a great feat or another) " this is THE BEST moment of my life"- whilst you know they are married, have children etc. Makes me wonder.....! Is it possible to have ONE special moment that tops all others?

So here, today, my ode to friendships - from the heart. In all it's diversity and richness.

In all honesty it humbles me to say I am proud and pleased to have your name in my 'book of friends' and wouldn't want to miss any one of you. I would also like to mention how grateful I am that I am able to list my friends in alphabetical order. What a burden it would otherwise be to have to 'rank' these wonderful characters I call friend.

Dear friends, male and female alike. No value can be placed on the friendships I enjoy with each and every one of you. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so much loving care. Whatever my need at any given time- I know I can count on you. What I can so appreciate are the diverse talents, traits and personalities amongst you all. And how truly amazing it is that we humans have been so richly and diversely designed to meet each other's needs when we seek comfort, advice or support. What a source of inspiration you all are.

Wisdom, a shoulder, laughter, tears, prayer, time, silence, practical help, refreshing ideas, shoppers, support, jokes, serious debates, knowledge, creativity, soberness, spontaneity, compassion, understanding, a kiss, a warm embrace, compliments, appreciation, and more, many more traits that make you, you!

What also pleases and flatters me, is that you too know to find me in times of your own need. In moments when you think " I am going to call, call on, or drop in at ..." When you feel that I can in some one meet your need in that moment. My thanks to you for that loving two way friendship I hold so dear.

Dear friends, that we may continue to enjoy each others talents and care for one and other for many years to come.

The purest form of friendship - crystal clear.

Drop a pebble in the water and watch the circle ( of friendship ) grow


  1. One of my favorite topics: friendship. I believe friends come into our life for a reason and, sometimes, for a season. Sometimes friends teach us to trust, sometimes to laugh, sometimes to "let go and let God," and other times to believe our instincts about people even when it's easier to believe otherwise.

    To add to your statement about "best friends," I do believe it's possible to have one best friend, but it's more common to have a handful of good friends. For years, my best friend has been my husband. Adding to that list, I have a handful of close girlfriends, and some friendly acquaintances.

    I like your idea of listing your friends in alphabetical order. :-)

    You seem blessed to be surrounded by so many loving souls. Good for you. Be well, my friend, and enjoy this week ahead.


    1. Thanks Janette, Indeed I am blessed.

      I have written about friendships before and this link takes you to a friendship story of friends I hold dear.


      Thanks for the visit. Looking forward to seeing you again some time. You are always welcome in my home!

      A blessed Easter to you and your loved ones.