Sunday, 17 August 2014


It is Sunday - for many to fill with prayer, to share with family, to 'go out and about' or to ' laze about'. For some to work, think of nursing staff, our police and the food and public transport  industry to name a few. I am going to use some of the time to write up my BLOG.

The past couple of months I have taken part discussing the ins and outs of a book called

 ' My Neighbour's House'. 

The discussion group is a diverse group of people who all have various backgrounds and convictions. One thing we DO have in common ( well we have more but this one is the BIGGEST) is FAITH.


The subject, as it suggests - has to do with what OTHERS HAVE and maybe we WANT.

Funny, a thought just occurred to me - literally while writing - How often do we want the LOVE that others hold dear, or the PEACE that some people radiate? Hmmm.... going to think on that one!

Anyway, the purpose of the book is not to see how we should NOT want what others have - but
HOW we achieve WHAT we go for in life.

The way to the means tells a lot about the person and how important we think something is.

Do we sacrifice time with family to fill a need to be out with friends for a ' good night out' instead of a good night in?- yes, babies cry, teenagers sulk and wives/husbands can be cranky! SO WHAT - be there and try to make a difference.

Do we ' break all bounds' and ' do what it takes' to make promotion, buy that car or upgrade the home? ( Bigger isn't always better - especially mortgages)

Do we alter our friendship group because the one we are in leads to feeling inept, not good enough or always expecting more!?

Recently an article appeared in our daily paper about a family on holiday. They went ( apparently) unprepared- had their cash card eaten at the ATM and were ' bound' to the camping. They had little or no money so couldn't 'eat out everyday' and the kids were bored because they HAD TO spend the whole day at the pool or in the playground at the camping ground. HOW sad was THAT!!?? The accompanying photo was of the family with drooped lip faces and almost tears on their cheeks.


A lovely camping ground in warm sunny France, a cosy caravan, good health ( Mother had just recovered from a hernia and had received a clean bill of health). And the headline read " Holiday from Hell."

Now that's what the book and the 10th commandment is all about - the wanna haves and the have nots and how we handle them. 

A must read, truly. Most enlightening. We haven't read to the end yet - so will keep you posted on further insights and developments.


  1. It is great to read your reflections on the book Anita, it really makes you (us) think, right?! Are we always wanting more, or are we able to be satisfied with the hand we were dealt?

    1. Marja, I sure do 'see' things from so many different angles these days that a a whole new conscious world is opening up for me. I am far easier pleased, more content and less unsettled. either 'old' age or indeed a feeling of contentment. Great what a good book and topic can do!

  2. Hi Anita, I love your sense of humour when reflecting on this book. And it so true, one has to check one's motives for why they want what they want. We should take a lesson from Paul who says to be content no matter the circumstances. That way, we wont want what others have, or maybe what we ourselves don't need! Great post and thank you for linking up over at My Daily Walk in His Grace. It is a great blessing to me.
    God bless

    1. Tracey, thanks to my dad's sense of humour, look on life and love for God. It has always influenced me. He was also a keen writer - in a exercise book! No blogging existed yet then! I don't always think wanting something 'like' the neighbours is a bad thing - just the way and means. If my neighbour's kitchen reflects my style, then I have no qualms about going for it - but not ANY and ALL COST. But I know you get my drift. Love reading your blog - inspirational to say the least. Have added another Blog ( dutch one I am afraid) - my hobby kitchen and cooking give me enough food for thought - so using that instilled talent and combine it with my writing ( talent?). God is SO good and generous on that score!!
      Love and laughter and the Spirit's inspiration for your writings- Anita

  3. Sunday is a good day to be lazy. After church yesterday we did just that. Reflected on the Word too, and all the good things God has done in our lives. Your reflections make me think further, too. Marja's books are wonderful food for thought and inspiration. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Karen for dropping by. Always pleased to have a fellow blogger 'pop in'. Yes, a lazy Sunday is surely a gift. Yesterday we used it to visit friends who had been away for 4 months. Was so wonderful to embrace them again after such a long absence. A truly gifted Sunday. And Marja's books, indeed gems to have and to read.

      Have a great and inspirational week.