Sunday, 30 November 2014

It is all in the preparation

First Sunday of Advent

Today, the first Advent candle will be lit in preparation for Christmas.

Like all events, both joyful and sad, we prepare. Each 'theme' has a ritual all of it's own, unique to the circumstance.

The energy we engage in the preparation tells us how special the up and coming event is to us.

Things to consider are: the importance of the event, the people involved or those you wish to involve, the setting, decorations or to keep it sober, food, music and a host of other practical issues.

This, the first Sunday of Advent, is the starting shot for the preparations for the feast of Christmas, the birth of Christ our saviour. Baby Jesus. Mary is preparing to give birth. A young woman facing the prospect of becoming a mum. And in her situation, a special mum. A mum to a special child.

It takes me back to my pregnancy, being far from my parents and other family in a country that was my new home.

I will be thinking about new mums this week, those far from home, from familiar surroundings, facing the birth of their fist born. Their special child.

My thoughts will be on the impact this child will have on the parents and extended family. The prospects and realisation( or not)  of dreams.

In prayer I will ask for guidance, strength and support for all those preparing for a new life.

May your preparations too be thorough and exciting at the prospect of the things to come.

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