Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Rights ( or wrongs)

King Willem Alexander - 48 years young!

It has been a week of National Festive activities. One to come- our queen's birthday on May 17th. After which I can store my flag till next April ( unless some shattering event, happy or sad, rears it's head).

As always around this time many issues play a large part in headlines and discussions.

  • About the monarchy and how it might need changing- Should it stay or go.

  • About freedom and whether or not we have learnt from our mistakes -war springs to mind!

  • About freedom of speech- being able to say whatever comes to mind- regardless of the hurt we may cause!

  • About our country's well being both financial and political - whose 'fault' is it that we are 'poor'..

  • About the number of public holidays we get - should we all be free on Christmas, Good Friday, 5th May? To mention a few.

Lest we Forget - We SHALL remember them!

As well as a number of other issues I may have unintentionally or been unaware of omitted to mention.

Looking at these statements all I can say is - we are a moaning people. How I would like to turn all these things around and say:

  • Three cheers for our monarchy - They serve us well. Thank you.

  • We remember those who died bringing peace to our country - let's honour them by caring for each other and appreciating that we have a country not at war.

  • Our constitution states we are a free people, can think, act and be ourselves. That doesn't mean be rude or disrespectful - but be mindful that others don't think the same thoughts or hold the same ideals. They too have that same right! Choose your words wisely.

  • About being appreciative for what we have - and if we are not happy with how things are - GO VOTE -  and have your say. Help make the changes - don't just moan about them. We have that possibility in total freedom and safety.

  • The days that are 'holy' to some are not important to others. How hard is it to say which days SHOULD be free. We are gunning for a 24/7 working week. Sunday trading becoming more the norm. Sunday off unified the nation - in general terms that is. No day is really 'FREE' for all anymore.

70 years of freedom

Today - 70 years ago, the Netherlands was 'freed' from their enemy. 

How far have we travelled? Who  or what is our enemy now?

Are we really FREE? 


I totally miss the gratitude, the feeling of being fortunate- of being blessed to live the lives we are able to live in this country. All around me people moan and dispair about their situation. We sympathise with those less fortunate - still not fully realising our privileged lives. Our freedom, our wealth.

Religion has always been a point of discussion, diversity and item for debate. I am grateful I am allowed to believe in a God of love and compassion. No, HE isn't going to pull all the string to right the wrongs - that is OUR task. HE will HELP us though. Call on HIM and seek the advice needed to live life the way it was intended.

Love one and other as I love you!

Seek and you shall find!

Knock and doors will be opened unto you!

I will be with you always!

If we were to head the call and be loving to ALL and not just our personally selected few - what a freedom we would all experience.

Let's FREE the world people - Let's share the LOVE



  1. "Our constitution states we are a free people, can think, act and be ourselves. That doesn't mean be rude or disrespectful - but be mindful that others don't think the same thoughts or hold the same ideals. They too have that same right! Choose your words wisely." I love this. It's true for our country as well. We need to remember that Jesus set us free to serve and love others, not to devour them.

  2. Yes Jeanette. It never ceases to amaze me that people mistake rudeness as freedom of speech. Let alone all the insulting and provocating situations that arise from this warped phenomena. Saying what you think- has a huge level of responsibility attached. It is HOW you share your thoughts that make all the difference. And some thoughts are best kept to one's self!!