Sunday, 28 June 2015

Mary the Mother of Jesus, the human side of her (3)

Mothers, daughters. Far from your natural setting. From familiar grounds and customs - how Mary the mother of Jesus understands your plight. How she wants to comfort you. How she cries for you and wants to lighten your load- lift the worry and anxiety off your shoulders. When Mary had to flee with her wee new born - going to the unknown - she too must have wanted her mum and those dear to her close by. As a new mum - everything was different and new to her too.

We know that Mary trusted God and accepted His will, but perhaps she didn't always understand, especially in those difficult early days. Perhaps she may have had to ray constantly that her faith would not waver.

Things seemed to settle down for Mary and Joseph for a while. They settled in Nazareth where Joseph was in business as a carpenter. The workshop may have been near their house so Mary would  not have been lonely. Customers would have been in and out and she had the baby to look after. She had to cook, clean, spin and weave. There would have been chatting with other women at the well and the market and the normal life of a small town wife. God gave her breathing space. We all know of those busy happy days when the children are little. I think Mary smiles on wives and mothers.

But during those years Mary would surely have worried about what lay ahead, she must have lain awake nights thinking about the prophecy, " a sword will pierce your heart."

I tried, as a mum, to guide and raise my children with the motto : 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. It is my belief that I gave everything I had and more. My children are parents too now - I and my prayer is that they too pass this and other precious lessons on to their children. To live justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with their God.

Although they are adults and parents - they remain my children. I know all the decisions they make now - are their responsibility. My task to raise them is over - my task to be there as a mother for support and advice, that is never ending.

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