Monday, 5 September 2016

Ready to face the challenge.

Each morning as I awake and catch the first sparkle of the day, I am thankful. My nights have become more restful of late as I seem to have regained my recipe for a good night's sleep. Don't ask what secret formula I use as it is a combination of tricks and challenges- but somehow, whatever it is- it works for me.

A while ago- 10 weeks ago to be exact, 2 friends and I started on a 'we are going to get fit and loose those excess pounds' challenge. ( see blog on the subject) Well, CHALLENGE being the operative word! Slowly, painstakingly slowly the ounces are slowly disappearing. We knew it wasn't going to be 'a piece of cake' but that it would be this CHALLENGING- no! But I take heart in that I am not alone in my quest- and that the improvements are a reward for keeping on keeping on. Seeing the salad season slowly drawing to a close, the CHALLENGE will continue as the stews and roasts re-emerge from the kitchen.

Lots of events, unplanned and pre organised, have kept me occupied these past few months. It is time to get a grip on my time, my week and my diary. The summer holidays are drawing to a close as schools have all re-opened the doors. Office staff are mostly all present again and 'life' in general is re-assuming it's recognisable shape. Work, play, rest and other activities are order of the day once again. It is called structure- for many something to hold dear and cherish- for others a stifling and limiting experience.

A few years ago I left my teaching job and attempted to make a success in a private venture. It didn't work out as I had hoped, dreamt or planned. I have been very hard on myself- downing my entrepreneur skills and failure to succeed. That has taken it's toll on me as a person. Negative energy was a result. Feeling a failure although I knew I had given it my best shot. I have a few loose ends to tie up and get the paperwork done so the book can be closed on the subject- so once those last steps have been taken I will be ready to move on.

There is a seasonal change in the air. Both outside as well as in. I am looking forward to the CHALLENGE to get a grip on my life as it now is taking shape. I still enjoy those things which kept me occupied- baking, photography, nature etc. It is now time to give them a bit more space in my life- to regain my drive and enthusiasm I once held so dear. It will be, just like the weight thing, something that will take time to show results - but every step I take is one to a better and more satisfying and healthier life. Of that I am certain.

This year I had elected a theme word - Tevredenheid = Contentment/Satisfaction ( I find the dutch word more descriptive of what I want to say but the two english translations will combined - suffice). I am excited and enthusiastic as to the CHALLENGES that may lay ahead.

Life- in all it's beauty, every season bringing with it the joy and discovery of something new. The colours, the diversity, the opportunities and the enjoyment of the moment.

As I wave the summer goodbye I look forward to a colourful Autumn.

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