Saturday, 30 September 2017

Just a wee escape

On a Tuesday a couple of weeks ago my husband and I took the train to Rotterdam. We played hooky. It was a spur of the moment decision. Hubby works from home - so that makes this an easier pasttime to undertake. The sun shone it's autumn strength rays and the clouds, although greyish, appeared harmless. Well for the time being anyway.

Right outside our front door, we only need to cross the road, is the bus stop. A shortish wait of about 5 minutes and away we went. "Good morning bus driver," said hubby sounding very chirpy. I was pleasantly surprised. That's because he had been semi grumpy since waking. The thought of wagging work cheered him up no end.

The shortish train ride and arrival at our destination, Blaak in Rotterdam couldn't have been simpler. We stepped out of the station and walked straight into one of the largest weekday markets held in Rotterdam ( or anywhere in Nederland for that matter). Unplanned expeditions like this somehow create a more exciting feeling.
Markthal Rotterdam

A leisurely stroll past many many food stalls ( there was market on the square), inquisitive peeks at the Bric @ brac, sniffing past the food stalls. We were so enthralled by it all. People bustling around, groups standing in the middle of the pathways reacquainting themselves and updating events extremely publicly ( loudly 😉 )! Mothers with babies, grandparents with babies, dads with babies. Some, like us, just browsing, others hustling and bustling in their haste gathering wares, food and other necessary items found at this huge market.

My noisy grumbling tummy was a sign that lunchtime was well and truly past - but the lunch itself hadn't been eaten as yet. We chose to eave the noisy crowd and went into the hugely tourist style Markt Hall. What a contrast. The nostalgic markets with shouting stall holders trying to sell their wares - to this monumentally large glass building all glitz and glamour.

A feast for 2
Our choice fell on a Greek Restaurant. Their 'example' platters displayed outside their store appealed enormously to our taste buds. Having used public transport I could also have a wine with lunch, not a frequent happening by any stretch of the imagination.

Time to go home. Back to the reality of work and chores. What a different mindset. Not that the enthusiasm poured out of our pores, but none the less, resuming our responsibilities flowed naturally and without the negative emotions that hung in the air upon waking. Happy days!

Must do this more often......!


  1. It sounds like it was a delightful escape! Spur of the moment trips can be fun and exciting, I agree. :) Glad you enjoyed your little escapade. I'm with you, it's something that we should do more often! Thanks for sharing your excursion with us.

    1. If this message helps raise awareness about how to spend some more quality time- it has been doubly worth the experience. Glad you enjoyed the outing along with us Karen!