Monday, 29 October 2018

Life's ups and downs

As exciting and uplifting as the first part of 2018 has been- so eventful and worrying it continues.

I do however have good news about my hand - I can drive the car again. I'm not out the woods yet, but at a snail's pace, I have had some improvements happen.

For others near and dear to me, there were however some more unfortunate occurrences which have also impacted on me and my activities.

My adopted mother in law had a nasty fall. At 88 any fall is nasty and this one was no exception. The bone high up just below the hip joint broke in a most nasty fashion. All jagged and deep. Ambulance, hospital and surgery was necessary for her to be able to now work on rehabilitation and hopefully a return to the independent lifestyle she is accustomed to living. Thankfully my left hand is not a deterrent to being helpful in her time of need. Lovingly I take care of some of the needs she has, along with her son. He lives quite a distance away- so the on the spot stuff I take care of as soon as the needs arise.

Meanwhile I am also working hard on the rehab of my hand. Slowly but surely things are looking more positive. I'm wearing a pressure 'sleeve' and that has helped enormously to reduce the 'burning stinging nettle' feeling I was experiencing. I can bend my fingers a wee bit more- making an arch. All looking promising I have to say.

Last Wednesday was another shocker. My brother in law had a heart attack at work. I'm still trying to get my head round it. Due to the immediate and most effective actions of one of his colleagues, he received the right treatment and was whisked of to hospital with flashing lights and screaming sirens. Straight to surgery and an immediate placing of a shunt saved his life. Such a dramatic event cause lots of emotional backlash...! We are ever sooooooo thankful at the outcome. He is now home and recuperating. It'll be months before he can return to work- but thankfully he lived to tell the tale.

It has been a rollercoaster year all in all. Hoping our last few months of 2018 are a wee bit more relaxing and stress free.

Each and every day is a gift- the unexpected is always around the corner. I'm thankful for every sunrise - and try to live life to the full. The experiences shape me and always will. The thing is to learn from everything that comes on my path. And as long as I keep my experiences in perspective - and know when to laugh and when to cry- I'll be just fine.

Signing off now as I am due at the physiotherapist shortly.

If you want to know how I got on at physiotherapy- Click on this link

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