Monday, 11 February 2019

The light of the candle burns ever so brightly.

Candles, I like them for a number of reasons. What's not to like?

I have a fresh odor candle in the WC, I have 3 candles on the table in beautiful crystal holders. I have candles outside on the deck on a wee shelf for a cosy feeling while sitting outside. I have special candles for different seasons. Most important though, I have blessed candles I use in times of need and joy!

During my childhood I can't even begin to count the number of candles that were spent after being lit due to a stressful event. When we heard about someone in need, whether ill, in dire straights or hoping for a job, out would come the matches and the flame would light up the wall behind it. Didn't matter what time of day it was. Seeing the flame, one would immediately have the person in mind for who the candle had been lit. Positive thoughts and prayers therefor were constantly zapped to the needy.

My mum was a fervent believer that that flame would somehow be part of the solution. That the prayerful messages to the Heavens would be loud and clear. Not so much her 'wish' be granted, but that the person needing strength, courage, hope or energy would get whatever they needed. A job, good health, a child, a house. For the thankful moments the candle was also lit. The good results of an exam, the desired wish, car, home, child, job etc.

And I've always done the same. It brings comfort - also to me! Makes me feel that I am contributing in some way to the need that has arisen or reminding me that thankfulness is an important facet of and in our existence.

For the past few weeks my special candle has been doing overtime. For a number of people who are listed in my 'special people in my life book'. All of them ill. Some of them terminal, others hopeful for recovery in the not too distant a future. I'm praying their prayers will be answered. The lighting of the candle is a tangible and practical way I can be involved. Funny thing is, that the person of family thereof is comforted by just that gesture of mine! So maybe lighting a candle isn't such an empty action after all.

I looked at my candle today, felt humbled and concerned, and wondered, 'How any people to one candle?'


  1. I love candles Like the atmosphere and got some to get rid of mosquito as well. My mum usually light some candles in the church when there are troubles. Sorry to here about your special people who are ill. Take care and I hope the candles do their work

    1. Thank you Marja. My candle is still burning brightly.