Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tenerife- on a high, and then..... down hill from here on in

Our summer holiday turned into an autumn holiday.

We went to Tenerife. What a beautiful island. We spent 12 days enjoying all the island had to offer.

My aim was to write a travel blog about it upon returning home.

But our home coming wasn't as pleasant as we had imagined.

Pa isn't well. Upon arrival back we were confronted with the inevitable.

On Monday 3 December in the afternoon the doctor popped in and promptly called an ambulance, I accompanied pa to the hospital. His body was in bad shape. His lungs, kidney and bladder were struggling, his heart barely coping with the stress of it all.

All of 16 days it took, our hearts breaking bit by bit each day as it became apparent that pa wouldn't recover.

Darling pa, how we loved you, how we ached for you- and how we MISS you.

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