Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 is upon us

I started this BLOG last year with the intention of contributing a short piece each day of my 60th year. Allowing a select few to catch a glimpse of my daily doings, and for me a record 'on paper' of that special year. What happened: 
For many reasons I didnt manage to add a snippet each day, and;
those select few were just as diligent as I was. 

I  also write with more regularity a BLOG in dutch - my mother tongue. Recently I was asked to translate a piece into English which I had written. 

New Year 2013 thinking- I will now write two BLOGS - for my dutch and english speaking family and friends. A rough translation. Just to be able to reach more people. 

My challenge, and I am as keen as mustard.

For my BLOG readers!

We are faced with a new situation, time without pa. Somehow we will find our way. The road ahead is unclear and a little bumpy. In his memory we are going to make the most of life and what it has to offer. We would be shaming his memory if we did not.

It is the 3rd of January and for many 2013 is off to a flying start. For many a festive and positive event, for others a joyless and depressing experience. A world of emotions apart in expectations and future gazing.

Why is that, I wonder? Does one only experience the New Year on a positive note because of what went before?  Or is it because the coming year may hold disappointments, possible sadness or great scary unkown? Was the tunnel in 2012 that long that the light at the end of it never eventuated?

Whilst I am vigilant for the above, and attempt to experience each day as it comes, I too fall into the 'trap' of -forward thinking- as I call it. Recently my husband, brother in law and I spent a week discussing and imagining scenarios in how we would prepare and support pa (father in law) and how his living situation would need to change once he left hospital. That he wouldn't be able to live unassisted and would have to leave the family home and go "into care".  After a week of planning, brainstorming and imagining we stopped daydreaming. And all because of pa's wise words. "We are daytrippers - people of the moment". 

Those wise words didn't just help us focus on the here and now of THAT time, but helped us see that this was a valuable lesson for every day of our lives. Sometimes one needs a reminder- just to refocus on what's important. To be more conscious of every moment. Not to get too caught up in the maybes. Just let life BE! We all grew even closer those few weeks. Lived more intensely and spent quality time with pa - who didn't need to go into care at all. God took care of him - and we are intensely grateful that pa can now relax and be pain and discomfort free - Forever!

We aren't in the business of predicting. Not the weather, not the challeges we may get to face At best we can only speculate. Have premonitions of things to come. We attempt to prepare for possible things to come. Preparing for an event or happening isn't  a bad thing. But chrystal ball gazing does tend to distract us from the present. It shifts our focus of where we are at. In hindsight - looking back one often realises all the pre planning was in vain. Things turned out differently than expected or hoped. Unforeseen issues affected the pre-thought outcome.

I want to wish all those reading my BLOG a blessed and happy 2013. 

We are: People of the moment- THIS MOMENT- NOW! 

So enjoy- as I will, each day that I am given.

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