Saturday, 6 April 2013

...and another thing!

A(nother) piece on morals and values......

Now that I am on my hobby horse of do's and don'ts. Let me tell you a tale of something that happened right outside my front door yesterday.

I was cheerfully sitting at my desk, working hard like usual when I saw a truck approaching. My ' office' is upstairs and I overlook the road ( dyk) we live along. Across from our home and paralel to the road we have a parking bay.

The truck, belonging to a freight-and technical supplies company - Technische Dienst- screeched to a halt, the driver jumped out and while keeping the driver's door open he pee-ed all over the parking bay. So called anonymously you understand!! GROSS!!

Now I am aware that truck and delivery drivers are at a disadvantage. They are on the road a lot - but are not glued to their trucks or vans all day. They pop in and out of businesses all the time making deliveries. We border on a industrial area - places a plenty with toilets. The driver could even have knocked on a door if his urge was that high. I was appalled to witness this uncalled for call of nature.

Should I report it? You see, I was still in the frame of mind about those children on the beach. I didn't approach the parents - should I let this man know his behaviour was unacceptable.

Well, he left as abrupt as he came leaving a large dark pool on the parking area. YukYukYuk.

I looked online, found the telefoonnummer and called the company. After relaying my tale to the receptionist she connected me through and I spoke to someone ' in authority'. I received apologies ( though the poor man hadn't done anything himself ) and a promise this would be addressed. I gathered by the tone of his voice that "the boss?'  was mortified. As I was.

Morals and values, a topic on a lot of politicians lips these days. Also a topic of conversation - the unruly, disrespectful behaviour of youth. Well what a show in heaven's name do kids have if adults behave the way they do?!!

And, Mr Peebody, please use a toilet in future - your behaviour is nothing to be proud of. Have respect for yourself, your fellow beings and your environment.

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