Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spring still hasn't sprung.....

...and my energy level is as unpredictable as the weather. I felt a resurgence of energy as we experienced a taste of what's to come. It lasted as long as the preview days we were allowed. Back to winter chills and heavy frosts. Not to mention the icy cold wind that chilled one to the bone. As there (thankfully) isn't a weather button to push or tweek - I resigned myself to mother nature's curious ways.

Today the sun is out once again. After a few low days we are experiencing a high. Awesome. And I managed to move mountains. It was 4 degrees when I went shopping - a heat wave you could call it! Excuse the sarcasm won't you? What is pleasing is the feeling of renewal all around me. Maybe also due to the feast and celebration of Easter. Renewal- new birth, new chances and opportunities. I am an Easter fan. Always have been. Christmas is important but Easter - well that's celebration No. 1 for me!

In New Zealand, Easter week was a series of church celebrations of which I took part. Now, it is  a more quiet time, with a respectful Good Friday, a preparation day on Saturday and sharing and celebrating on Easter Sunday with friends. We, 6 of us, enjoy a leisurely festive breakfast, celebrate our friendship and spend quality time together. Every year - an absolute joy.

So as not to get to settled we (5) elected to drive to the beach nearby - let the wind blow away the cobwebs and stretch our legs. Friends son, 18 years old, elected to stay 'home'  at the caravan where we were visiting. A great way to let breakfast settle and have a change of scenery. There were more like minded people at the spot we chose. Finding a park was a challenge but we only needed one spot and found one available.

We climbed the stairs leading to the top of the dunes. A large board explained the work that was being done to keep the dunes in place by investing time and effort and planted dune grasses to keep the sand from eroding away. The area was cordoned off with a sturdy fence line. A NO GO area.
While enjoying the activity below us on the beach and looking out over this great expanse of water- we were disturbed by a small group (3) of children who clambered over the fence and slid down the dunes screeching their delight as they did so. Would have been great to watch and share their joy had it  not been for the fact that this was a total NO NO. A protected area. And what really got our dander up - was that the parents stood at the bottom clapping and laughing at the children's escapades. GGGrrrrrr!

Childish, I hear you think, that we were annoyed. Maybe. I do so love to see children outside enjoying all nature has to offer - but this was an intrusion and total disrespect and disregard ( from the parents in my view) for the region. The children can't be held accountable if parents don't instruct, guide, set boundaries and educate. It could have been such a great teachable moment.

I lost my ' happy Easter' feeling for a moment. Should I say something - do I address the parents? We discussed amongst ourselves what we thought on the matter and one of the children must have overheard some of our mutterings. She gingerly walked to the fencing, looked at us over her shoulder and slowly and nervously still climbed over the fence. I don't know whether if I had gone down to the beach if I would have reproached the parents. I like to think I would have Instead we turned tail and left.

My plea to parents - You are responsible for the behaviour and upbringing of your children. It is your privilege and honour to help shape these young people into responsible adults. They need to be informed of their responsibilities, their rights and wrongs.

Maybe it is the ' teacher'  in me that drives me to comment on this type of behaviour - I lay the responsibility of a respectful upbringing totally at the foot of the parents.

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