Monday, 11 November 2013

Welcome home

Yes, back again. Back home after 4 weeks in New Zealand with all my children. Family complete for the first time since 2001. Also, all the grandchildren together, cousins meeting cousins. What a beautiful experience.

Spoilt were we, my husband and I. Nothing was too much trouble and all our wishes, needs and requests were fulfilled. More than that even. So spoilt, so loved, so embraced. Heartwarming.

We laughed together, ate together, walked together, had a wine together, discussed and reminisced together. Re- connected and renewed relationships.

This experience will stay with me for a long long time. A treasure of unknown value and will comfort me when I feel down en brighten my day when the sun doesn't shine.

I am a blessed and priviliged person to be surrounded by such love.

Then, we arrived home. The house was decorated in a hearty welcome, the messages and cards of welcome graced the hearth. Both 'down under' and 'up north' people showered us with friendship and love. How special is that?

Thank you all, thank you.

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