Thursday, 15 May 2014

My discussion evenings

Wednesday evening - a prayerful, challenging and learning experience. I look forward to these evenings each week although I do have gaps. There are some unique moments when I reneg, like birthdays or special events which override my resolve. Like last week when my husband, brother in law and I went to Scotland for a week.

We have started on a new book. Or should I say - a new topic. Marja Meijers, authoress of a number of thought provoking books on the Ten Commandments hosts, together with her husband Jan, a discussion group. We don't only discuss her writings but also books from other Christian authors.

The book we have elected to dissect is called ' My Neighbour's House. The theme- the last commandment ' Thou shalt not covet...'! Just as in the other books Marja has written, we are encouraged to DO stuff instead of NOT to do stuff. So, instead of Don't steal- GIVE, Don't kill - respect and celebrate LIFE.

The Ten Commandments are guidelines how we should live. Marja has interpreted them in a way they become inspiration instead of a set of rules which we can tick of at the Pearly Gates by saying to Peter -

"No, I didn't kill anyone - tick, 
No I didn't rob a bank - tick,
No, I never checked out the neighbour's wife- check, etc" Can I come in now?

The question we could be asking ourselves therefor is: " What CAN I do, to please the Lord? How can I live my life that brings GLORY to his name?"

So here we were, all 8 of us, starting on our journey to discover how we can live the Commandment;
 " Thou shalt not covet..." Because if we are NOT to covet- then what should we be doing. And before we can answer THAT question, we need to be fully aware what GOD meant with that rule.

Yes, I like my home to be comfortable and in tip top shape, yes, I do admire someone who can quote chapter and verse from the bible without any hesitation - wish it was me, when I see someone wearing a lovely outfit- a wishful thought flashes across my mind!

There is nothing wrong with owning the most recent model BMW, or having a in-ground swimming pool, annual overseas trips or sets of matching gold earrings, bracelet and necklaces. What matters is what part they play in our lives.

I am quite curious where our conversations will lead. How much I will learn and how I measure up to that commandment.

To be continued!

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