Monday, 5 May 2014

It is May 5th

It is the 5th of May today

May 5th 2014

My sister's birthday today
My one and only sister
Today, on this special date- 5th of May- Freedom in Europe (1945)
Her birthdate is 5-5-'50
Beautiful date easy to remember
Time to reminisce- to look back.

No, she hasn't died- we just aren't on speaking terms. That hurts.

I revel in my memories, which bring a smile to my lips and joy in my heart. 
Our time together is worth remembering.

Today is 5th of May- Liberation Day. I hung the flag out before 7 am. Just like yesterday- only then it hung half mast- Remembering the victims of WWII. Funnily enough there was hardly a breeze yesterday, which meant the flag just drooped- quite appropriate. 

Today with the light breeze it sends a hopeful and cheerful wave to those passing by.

My thoughts are with my grandparents, uncles and all those who offered and gave so much so we could benefit from the freedom we now enjoy and celebrate. A mishmash of emotions. Glad, because we remember and are grateful- sad because of the wars, pain, fear and death still raging on our planet.

Today, a mixed bag. I am grateful for what I have, who I am and what I stand for. I am thankful for the influences of those around me which have made me who I am today. Thanks to my sister, parents, grandparents and all those whose paths have crossed mine. For those who made PEACE happen in my world.

Today is 5th of May 2014 and I aim to celebrate today in a special way

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