Friday, 25 July 2014

Realising the joy - and living it.

Here it is, Friday afternoon! Once again it arrived sooner than I anticipated. The week has flown by, disappearing into nothingness. The days appear to melt into one and other, just like the threads on the cobwebs that stretch from one branch to the other, on the apple tree in my garden.

For me a simple week with the normal 'run of the mill ' activities, most of which I could do with my eyes shut.

For others, those who mourn their loved ones killed in warzones or in accidents that occured this past week time must seem a like a never ending zone they can't escape from.

We, the dutch nation, along with others, stood still literally this week in respect and in silent witness to the horror of innocent victims of yet another futile war - a grab for power by those who should know better and spend their time guiding their nation instead of trying to enlarge it.

There are wars raging that go beyond the power of comprehension. Is it so hard to be loving to one and another? Is it so difficult to respect and share the space we have together as humans? Oh, how I pray for the madness to STOP!

It is all so surreal. Here I am sitting in my garden 'house'. With a view that impresses all those who visit here. I am playing the CD called In Paradisum - Spiritual Classical Melodies. I can hear birds chirping, far in the background a lawnmower chugging away over a patch of long grass. A cock is crowing - proud and loud! On the water beside me some ducks slowly glide by, I can just see them out of the corner of my eye. A pigeon came and rested on our rooftop earlier this week - and has decided to stay a while. I can hear it coo-ing!

WHAT A CONTRAST! I can scarcely take it in.

There is peace in my space - a peace that I can taste, hear, feel and almost touch.

It has taken me a week to be able to enjoy it again. I felt an immense sense of guilt and it seemed almost obscene that this paradise of mine is part of this world and it's ugly wars.

I have decided to embrace what I have been given - the peace to be and do what is necessary to live the life planned for me.

I have decided to protect the peace as I know it by embracing that which I have - and not let it be TAKEN by those who know not how to live in that peace.

This afternoon the sun is a welcome visitor on my face and I feel so BLESSED!

My prayers and thoughts are with those mourning - that goes without saying. 

That, however, must not stop me REALISING my joy and blessings and LIVING THEM!

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