Wednesday, 3 December 2014

As busy as a bumble bee can be

Change is afoot - and like the blog on Advent

Preparation is of the essence

My husband and I are preparing to change our lifestyle

We prayed about it, we sought advice, we discussed and we took the plunge

We are moving into an apartment

Everything on one level - not 4 like here

We want to have more time to enjoy other activities

It seemed a shame to hog the house and all it has to offer to ourselves
whilst we weren't making use of all the facilities and opportunities.

We have bought and sold - we are  in the throws of sanding, painting, scraping, and more scraping, sanding, painting and preparing.

Needless to say - blogging has had to take a back seat.

And once we are settled

I will have more opportunity to do what I love to do

To write and hopefully fulfill a dream, to Blog my thoughts, to complete the started photo albums and to update the grandchildren's annual albums.

So, have patience with me - I will endeavour to place something when I have a gap
( that is - when I am not flaked out on the couch after a day's toil)

With a view like that - I will want to sit at my desk from dawn to dusk

Or........ ??!!

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