Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What if.......

What of the reality of happy families doesn't exist?

What is the sun wouldn't shine?

What if we didn't appreciate the gift of a new day?

Seems to me, there are so many things that we could question the existence of.

So how about we turn all those 'what if's around and said,

True family love and unity exists

The sun does shine, even behind those dark clouds

And each new day is a gift to make all those certainties be part of our lives.

I believe, I believe in all of the above and I believe that God so made the world that he wanted us to have family, love, a new day.

So my wish and prayer for everyone is,  No more what ifs.....but

Believe there is love

Believe the sun does shine

Believe in your new day...

So whatever your denomination, whatever you call your God, in however large or small your congregation, I believe that...

this is God's will for us and His gift to humanity.

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