Sunday, 19 April 2015

Life, love, friendships and blessings

Oh dear, that last blog does sound very  'poor me-ish'. The message is clear though for me- yes life has disappointments. Get over it! 
And believe me, I am a fast learner. I get lots of practice.

Thing is, I am generally a positive person. And I approach each day with renewed zest and vigor awaiting what the day has in store and tackling it with the necessary energy.

It may be about a year or so ago that I joined a group of Christian Bloggers here in Nederland. Through this interaction I have 'met' a few lovely people whom I now consider to be friends.

As I am a member of the blogging world I read a variety of blogs. Even though I enjoy the blogs, not every writer is known to me- so I don't build up a relationship with that person. But some, some just touch me in a way that I get curious and I dig deeper. I leave a comment, share the blog or in some other way let know I have ' been' and read the blog. The upside of that is, that some now also visit my blog. A reciprocal arrangement of appreciation. So up lifting. I learn a lot from long time bloggers. Some already being published writers in their own right. Inspiring to say the least.

I want to highlight some of these ( and believe me I visit many more but too many to list). If you have a hobby, activity or interest you want to read more of , share or want to connect with- just google the blogs. You wil be amazed what is out there for your enjoyment, source of information or just relaxation or inspiration.

Blogging has enriched my life, brought me in touch with strangers who are now friends and blessed me in ways unprecedented. 

This blog has become a sort of promotion-advertisement to GO BLOG! Something I didn't really intend to do but just 'happened' as do many inspirations once I get going on the keyboard.

For those who have held a long time dream to write- go for it, for those wanting to read and learn- here is your opportunity to resource without having to got to the library or buy books.

One thing though- let the blogger know you have 'found' them. That you read their works. It nurtures and encourages the blogger to soldier on.

Enjoy the links-

Jeanette Levellie is one such Blogger whose pages I frequent: I recently ordered one of her books- The heart of humor: Sixty Helpings of Hilarity to nourish your Soul. I LOVE my hips like never before!

Then there is Jen Cudmore: An awesome writer and again, inspirational. She has started a series on Marriage problems. I think she is extremely courages in opening up in such an honest way. Oh pity this blogger wasn't around in the 1990's.

Another Blog I enjoy is that of Karen Lange. A multi talented author who also drops in from time to time. I am sure she has bruised fingers at the end of her busy writing day- as Karen writes for a multitude of media. I do so appreciate her hints, tips and words of encouragement.

Then two people who are so blessed, Marja and Jan. Their Blog Traveling Light as a way of spreading incredible good news, help and assistance to those in need. So awe inspiring and a great read. Marja is also a published writer and her books grace my shelves.

There are Foody bloggers, Childrearing bloggers, Music Bloggers, Gardening Bloggers, Quilting Bloggers- oh soooo many you wouldn't believe.

Go look, search and find. 
They are there for you!

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