Thursday, 17 December 2015

Apologies to my readers

I know, I now, blogging is a personal, free and without strings activity so I don't need to say 'sorry'.

But I feel I do.

Some of you are regular readers and I haven't supplied you with something to read.

Not that your day was any less enjoyable or that you had so much time to spare you were bored..........( chuckle chuckle).

I just feel the need to say " I am sorry I have been so lax of late and I promise to mend my ways!"

Sometimes life just takes over... timetables, and schedules mean nothing and that most elusive of commodities " Time", well, there just isn't enough and what there is of it gallops by at 100 miles an hour.

When I have this type of struggle I hear a voice in my head saying " Like sand through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives!" Recognise this sentence?

Especially for those who want a walk down memory lane;

Click here - for THE VOICE
Anyway, when I have these moments and I hear that sentence I think - oh yes, that is so true.

Life has had some absolutely jewels of moments of late. It has certainly not been all bad - at all.

My daughter, son in law and 3 children paid a visit, that was AMAZING! We have had a couple of mini trips away, I have been able to assist my mother in law after her fall recently, the preparations for Christmas are heading in the right direction.... to name a couple of things that kept me off the streets and out of mischief.

But now, now is the moment that I have decided quite definitely to reclaim my space in the day. That some of those 1440 minutes of the day are MINE to use in a way that enriches my life and gives me room to be ME without the trimmings of others - just a wee while of the day is all I need to keep a balance!

So grains of sand, I greet you, claim you and will enjoy using you!

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