Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Morning has broken....

Last night I was able to capture ( amateur style) our setting sun- a real gift. Makes me feel extremely humble and grateful that I have this chance to enjoy day's end in this special way.

This morning I awoke to a beautiful sunrise - the view from my kitchen window is awesome....then I look out of the lounge window and again I am struck by the beauty I see before me.

We live in an apartment- Signed the purchase papers a year ago now. On Christmas Eve 2014 we slept here for the first time. Since then we have been putting 'finishing touches' to this, our possible last place we are to call home.

No, I don't mean that in a pessimistic sort of way - just to say " We love it here. Hope there won't be a reason to leave".

From the kitchen at the back to the balcony at the front - we have an amazing view.

The morning sun shines right through the house- creeping in through the kitchen window and touching the large window in the lounge on it's way out to the balcony. A dream location and situation you might say! And in the evening - the reverse happens- The sun pours into the lounge- over the dining room table and knocks on the kitchen window to be let out.

My morning was again a true gift when I noticed the fading moon from the lounge window and the sky being slightly lit up by the morning sun across the skies in a reflection from the kitchen. I didn't know where to look first.

I am not sure whether this description sounds logical but what I do know is - that it is a joy to wake in the morning and be privy to such a display of grandeur.


  1. Hi Anita,

    I so enjoyed seeing photos of the sunrise and sunset seen from your home. Such beauty.

    1. Anita, it is a daily blessing I can tell you. I feel privileged to be living here. Pop over any time for a visit.