Thursday, 28 January 2016

One week on

A week ago I wrote about my quest to be more of an oma for my grandson. We now chat almost daily and keep each other informed about our daily doings, possible hitches, successes and attempts to be who we are meant to be.

Now school is back we may not get as much on air time- as he will have homework and a earlier bedtime Which is all good- it just means we have to be more creative.

Earlier this month, I realised I was sitting around too much. We moved into an apartment one year ago- and the loss of extra levels in the home means less legwork. We do use the stairs in stead of the elevator and our home is situated in beautiful parklike surroundings- so the possibility of having a daily walk- a -bout is present. With the colder temperatures and my lack of energy meant I reneged more than I should have.

Whilst setting up some goals with my grandson, I set my step goals to 8000 steps per day and committed to upholding my challenge to myself by reposting my achievements in the chat session each day ( or failure to do so).
And it became a tussle between me and that magical number. Some days it was no bother to reach and surpass that amount of paces, but days like today, I just know I will not be making the grade.

I slept well but far too short, the sun is out, the wind very chilling. I am still not showered ( did brush teeth and splashed water round though) and am wearing my 'home to stay' outfit, which isn't fit for outside. That alone is enough to thwart any enthusiasm I may be able to conjure up.

For the first time in almost 3 weeks I will get an 'F' for walking. Having written this part - I feel a sense of shame - but no drive to alter the situation. Oh boy, that sounds pitiful. No walking today...... and that's that!

While laying awake last night- no reason really why I couldn't sleep, I thought about the few chores I kept pushing aside. The button on a pair of trousers, the dress which need attention ( stitching had come loose), the Easter Bunny almost losing an ear,  the ironing and the two parcels that need posting.

So now, the button has been replaced on the trousers, the dress is ready to wear, one of the parcels has had a letter added to it and is ready for the postoffice. What I haven't addressed yet is the ironing- that can wait till I take the rest of the washing of the line - which is now flapping in the breeze.

Seeing I elected 'Contentment/ Satisfaction' in life as my word for 2016 - I need to see whether I can live with 0 on my counter or pluk up just that ounce of will power I need to open the front door. After that, there is no turning back.

Do you have days like that- when the mood rules? How do you turn it around so that YOU win?


  1. I try to push through when I get those "mood rules" days but I don't always succeed as much as I would like. Working to change that in the new year! :) Appreciate the inspiration.

    1. I find when I 'choose' something to work on- it keeps popping up so I get lots of practice. So sometimes I wonder whether is it wise to ask for that which I lack ;-) - but I keep on trying.