Thursday, 7 January 2016

Times, yes they are (forever) a changing!

One of my favourite past-times while living in New Zealand was walking barefoot on water's edge on the beach. I was very fortunate to be able to spend many a weekend in a batch owned by friends. They gave me the freedom to spend time there whilst I was going through a very rough patch. The waves, the fresh air, the stiff breeze and the possibility for quiet reflection all helped bring some relief in my heavy heart and clouded brain.

Whilst on my walks I would be mesmerised by the waves, sometimes fierce and powerful, sometimes timid and almost silent. But never ending! They lapped around my feet and they never stopped - but changed in size and shape constantly. Looking at them, no staring actually, it was almost tiring thinking  and knowing that they never stopped ( it would be disasterous if they should). It comforts me to know that the waves keep on coming and it enthralls me that they are forever changing in shape, form and character.

The waves, like my thoughts kept on keeping on. Relentlessly, tirelessly and without pauze. I felt at one with those waves.

For me it was the water that captivated me, for others it are the clouds or the stars. The same yet always in motion, changing at each blink of an eye. Comforting yet mysterious.

So too life. It captivates, evolves, situations forever changing. Life for me has changed once again. New location, new challenges and new possibilities. The waves in my life too sometimes a rough ride, sometimes a smooth glide across the ocean of life. It still enthralls me, captivates me and challenges me to make the most of what life has to offer- no matter which beach I am on. Every wave counts.

I think this is also a reflection of the story when the apostles were in the boat and Jesus slept. A storm arose and the waves threatened to engulf the small boat. The apostles panicked and woke Jesus.  As a parable it has a strong message. When a storm in my life happens - calm is of the essence and in knowing I don't have to struggle on my own, gives comfort, insight and courage. The waves will be tempered and the calm will return - when wisdom is sought and I make the right choices. I don't have to fight the battle on my own.

Enjoy your walk, your beach, your stars, your clouds and most of all, enjoy the challenge of change.

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