Monday, 8 February 2016

Not making the time- but taking the time, for friendships!

It is Monday and the weekend is now a warm memory. How lovely it has been to catch up with various friends. Something I like to use our weekends for.

Over the past few weeks we have had a number of catch up moments. I noticed when writing our Christmas cards in December that a few of our friends hadn't received the attention they deserved from us the past year. It highlighted for me the need to 'do it different' this year. To be a bit more alert and pay more attention to those people who brighten our world and add colour to our lives- in their own unique way.

What played a part in this 'neglect' was definitely the over full diary we had - the shift, the trip to my children, the visit from overseas, the new routines, distance and the a few small health odds and sods. So it wasn't a lazy excuse but more a 'too much of one thing and not enough of the other'.

We have finally found our feet, have a few less BIG THINGS lined up and feel more relaxed. Our routines more settled and our commitments less stressful. Time then, to restructure and refocus on what is important.

Friendships - such an important part of life in general. People needing people. Having a place to go to share your story, being privy to other people's stories, sharing memories or making new ones. Enjoying a glass of wine or sharing a meal - a coffee time visit or a walk in the park.

I am aware that it isn't the amount of time one spends with friends - but the level of enjoyment and support one can give or receive.

What recently was meant to be a quick cuppa - turned into 4 hours of sharing and unburdening.

When we arrived for a snack - it turned into a 3 course meal.

A short call to say 'hello' was a heaven sent break in a sad day.

The walk in the park - was a treat of nature at it's best ( and a healthy red nose to boot)

The need for more stamps meant that there are letterboxes received fun mail instead of just bills.

I know it is an unrealistic task to think we can meet up with all those in our 'little black book'. But I do know we can do our utmost to share moments - and make room for those wanting  to 'be' with us, for whatever reason.

I aim to mend my ways in 2016 and hopefully I will be able to say - I am pleased and proud of our efforts this year.

Our friends are the treasures in our life.


  1. Hey :)
    Well, I hope things go better for you this year !!
    Yes, friends are definitely a treasure. We used to say that we didn't really have friends we spent time with. But, now it is the complete opposite. Some of this is a result from having kids.

    1. Hello Bryce, funny while I was writing the blog I thought of you- yes I neglected you too for a while - along with many others. Here's gunning for a better 2016. Yes, children don't only bring their own sheer but add so much more to the lives of families.

  2. I agree, friends are great treasures. That includes the online ones we've met through blogging and social media. :) I have been thinking about friendships lately, so this post is timely. Thanks for sharing your insight!

    1. Indeed Karen- my circle of friends- has indeed been enriched by my blogging friends near and far. Thank you for being one of them!