Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Opinions, pre-conceived notions or just 'thoughts!

Who doesn't have some? Opinions I mean.

A newspaper article, a tv program or item on the news can spark a deluge of comments on social media these days. Experts, couch potatoes, affected or spectators alike vent their thoughts sometimes unashamedly raw and uncensured.

I do believe in free thinking - but that doesn't mean that one can express whatever - and not take into account how one delivers the message of discontent or other way of thinking.

In my opinion that is!

Opinions are as varied as birds in the air, fish in the ocean and grains of sand on the beaches.
The have as many shapes as the clouds that float in the sky and drift by in the many strengths of breezes that stirs the air.

And it is important to be able to vent these opinions, thoughts, analyses of events that happen daily on this planet. Because most of what happens effects us all. Or at least some of us.

How wonderful it would be to not have an opinion - or would life then be too dull? Too empty and mundane? Always either agreeing ( oh no that is an opinion too isn't it?) or not agreeing - just being silent and 'getting on' with life.

For some reason, opinions tend to evoke defensive retributions and sometimes even hostile reactions. As if one has to DEFEND one's opinion. Because an opinion is just that- nothing more nothing less.

Someone else's point of view....! 

Which is to some like a red rag to a bull

No-one has to take 'it' onboard. Maybe it is important just to be heard. To shed light on a subject from different angle. This enables people to see something from an other perspective.

There are times when it takes 'guts' to voice an opinion - especially when the topic is very sensitive or the consequences far reaching.




Health Services


High income earners ( in Public offices)

Food shortages

Natural resources

Save the Whale - etc

Become a donor

I live in a country where we 'attempt' to uphold the freedom to voice whatever is on your mind. Publicly and without censure. This, unfortunately, leeds to some very heated debates, discussions and sometimes violent reactions. One of our most outspoken politicians has been surrounded by body- guards since he started speaking, unreservedly, his mind, and on the other hand, not being able to 'take' the results of his verbal outbursts. This has caused some danger to his personal safety - hence the need for protection of the most invasive kind.

Some 'share' their thoughts in a most provocative way causing unrest, riots even. Makes me wonder what their intention is from the outset.

Those that shout the loudest have the biggest profile- are seen AND heard but are they listened to?

I form opinions or a point of view on many subjects as a natural reaction to receiving information that is 'sent' my way via the various options available in today's world.

I don't react to all of them - but am thankful I can be heard without fear for reprisals - other than reactions from those who think other thoughts.

Guess what I am trying to say is - a BIT OF RESPECT goes a long way while sharing our thoughts - which are after all only personal statements to be reflected on.


  1. Hi Anita, you are so right. Often times we are very emotionally linked to our own opinions and take exception to the opinions of others being different. I think, the closer I am to the Lord, the more I read His word, the less the opinions of others worry me. I agree too that opinions are just that, opinions, not nec fact and we should extend respectfulness in the hearing of another's opinion. Just because its different to my own, does not make mine or theirs wrong. Very thought provoking post.....
    God bless

    1. Thank you for your contribution to my blog Tracy. Yes, I find it hard when people jump into defence mode when faced with an alternate point of view. Such a pity. My 'opinions' are influenced too by my faith and love for peace and respect for all.

      Blessings to you for a great week and beyond! Anita