Monday, 2 May 2016

May- full of surprises and happy events

The month of May- ALREADY??!!

Yes, it is May already.

Birthdays - Events and other stuff

The 5th month of the year - 
and just like a Monday each week - it has arrived so fast- I am dazzled by it.

I don't know whether that is because I am older- wiser or maybe not, are involved with a number of activities - or the days and it's hours seemed to have been curtailed just like the pensions, wages and job opportunities.

May- a birthday bonanza month in our family as well as in my circle of dear friends.  

Now many are remembrance days, like that of my mum. She kicks off the month- 1st May 1923, her birthdate ( she celebrated 87 in all).

Then there is 5th May- on which my sister celebrates her birthday. She is 3 years older than I am. Give or take 2 weeks.

Cousins and aunts fill the gaps. I have something with 'dates' and they stick in my memory - better than people's names or places sadly enough.

On the 17th May my dad's youngest brother and my grandmother- on mum's side- 19th May.

Mine the 21st and my dear friend the 25th ( we share the same year as well as the month.)

My girlfriend in NZ managed to give birth to 2 children, 2 years apart on the same date - 29th May.

The month end with the birthdate of my cousin's youngest daughter.

Events- well that depends on where one resides

Religion: May the month of Mary- a Catholic tradition which I personally hold dear.

In Nederland, my country of birth, we have Remembrance Day/Dodenherdenking on the 4th of May- I hang out the flag- half mast! Taking time to be aware that freedom and peace aren't a natural occurrence everywhere- and realising that many died trying to achieve just that.

On the 5th of May we recall the European ( and then specifically our own) Liberation Day. Dan gaat de vlag ook naar buiten!

Our May school holidays are somewhat unhinged as we celebrate King's day/Koningsdag the 27 April- and connect the May hols due to the other celebrations in May. The weather isn't up to speed- so it has been aa bit chilly in the tents and caravans.

Ascension Thursday/Hemelvaarstdag  falls on the 5th of May this year - due to the early Easter we had - this too is a holiday in Nederland as is: Pentecost/Pinksteren on Monday the 15th May. 

People fill in how they want to 'use' this feast day- which in both cases is linked to the weekend- giving extra freedom to many - not all get that opportunity though. Hospital staff, police officers, ambulance personal, firefighters, hospitality services and shop staff are not all free on these 'public holiday days'.

And for those who do hold this day dear - let's not forget to mention the Mother's Day Sunday- second Sunday in May.


Vege gardens ( allotments- moestuintjes) are ready to receive the plants that will sustain meals the coming summer months. Spring cleaning that didn't happen in April due to chilly and wet weather conditions are on the hit list. The seasonal clothing inspection - what fits and what doesn't? Holiday plans are consolidated. The dutch ( generally speaking) receive their annual holiday pay end of May- on what to spend is decided on. A new bathroom or maybe a trip to warmer and exotic places. Or the bills that haven't been paid due to whatever reason- are dealt with.
Concert programmes for the summer months get underway as do the ticket sales. Theme parks have their programmes online and booking agents try to sell 'Last Minute packages abroad.

May, the month people shed cobwebs and show their faces to the outside world, When running in the park becomes a must- to fit back into those bikinis, t-shirts and summer jeans. Convertables are spotted driving on highways and by ways - and skeelers and skates are relaxing ways to get about.

I don't know about you- but I LOVE the MONTH of MAY.

It feels ALIVE and refreshing


  1. Yeah, I love the month of May too! The garden starts to bloom and yes, we have some extra days off!

    1. Isn't it a joy Marja? Somehow the 'place' wakes up in May! 'Things' happen. And people seem to have re-gained their smiles.

  2. HI Anita, there are quite a few birthdays in May for us as well. Trusting your May is very blessed and special
    God bless

    1. Hello Tracy, yes May seems to be the 'festive' month here ( and in NZ) and bursting with energy. Blessings to you and your loved one too Tracy. Thanks for your visit!