Sunday, 29 May 2016

The planning - the waiting - the impending arrival

About 8 or 9 months ago I received a message from my dear friend Annette; " Anita, how would it be if I came for a wee visit!?"

Annette and I go back a wee way. We are friends for life and I miss her dreadfully. We live worlds apart - She in New Zealand and me, in Nederland. Well actually we don't really live worlds apart but countries - because our lives are still intertwined due to our past, present and future. And distance doesn't come into it as far as 'feeling close' is concerned.

The modern media opportunities are multiple and we make use of those at will. And now after months of planning and preparing - the arrival date is just around the corner.

I am frantically 'cleaning cupboards' as one does when guests are due. Not that my house is a disaster area- but well, I want this visit to be AWESOME and IMPRESSIVE and WOW and FUN and RELAXED and INSPIRING.

And yes, I want to 'show off' my new home, my friends - we have a Meet 'n Greet arranged, pretty sights to see and room for laughter, sleep and wine. Lots of all of those last 3 by the way!

I have a list of 'to do's' before Annette arrives- just like Annette has a list of to-do's before she leaves. I know time will fly - but you can bet your bottom dollar we will squeeze every ounce out of every minute.

Looking forward to Friday Annette! See you SOON. Travel safe!!!!!

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