Tuesday, 12 July 2016

With mixed emotions

With mixed emotions I commence my day. The world population struggling with so many issues I just feel a bit, not confused but well, ' out of sorts' one could say.

Leaders who have lost sight of why they are in the position they are in- a prerogative to serve their people - and not for self gratification. The trigger happy American community ( guns and America have always 'gone together' ) The racial and ethnic conflicts that rage in too many countries to even list them all. The inability for humans to tolerate and accept one and other in all their diversity and uniqueness - gives me the odd moments of despair. I fear for what other 'eruptions' of unrest that might rear it's ugly head - which adds to the uncertainty and safety of this planet and it's inhabitants. Including that of my my grandchildren - who represent the future.

Because you see, I did choose for a family. I did have the privilege of bringing up 3 children to adulthood. They in turn have chosen to do the same. Not thinking that the world we then lived in - even with some of the above but certainly in less acute state than we now experience - looks headed for heavier conflicts, possible war or worse it's own destruction. Because what I see are situations that have lost all control. Speeding down a steep incline and not
having the ability to curb itself.

Am I alone is this feeling of helplessness? I wonder. As a child I learned that charity (=love and acceptance) starts at home. Love and respect for parents and siblings and extended family. This caused a 'natural' spread to those maybe not family but certainly close in friendship. And so the ripple spread.

WHAT HAPPENED to disturb that ripple effect??? is a question I ask myself almost daily.

What ever happened to the saying; " Love makes the world go round?" I still believe that this is TRUE.

The 3 main ingredients/rules in life for humanity to hold dear


and the greatest of these is LOVE

Lying, cheating, fighting, hatred and envy - kills all sense of joy, love and promise of the good things that this life here on earth holds in store for us.

Sow that seed of love - in your children. Let them know that difference isn't something to ward of but to embrace, learn from and most certainly accept. As each one of us is unique. Every molecule, every hair on our heads, freckle on our face, colour of our eyes and skin - it makes this world a treasure trove. We NEED diversity.

Spreading love- begins at home - as it always did. And I know the world has always had it's moments of despair and history of losing it's way- but maybe it is time we stand still and acknowledge that it is time to call a halt to al the hatred and persecution in today's world.

PLANT THAT SEED: Containing the atoms of love, joy, satisfaction, contentment, caring, sharing, acceptance and all those elements that will help drag away this dark mire which pivots above our heads waiting to emerge us into a world without laughter, peace and joy.

Now I could start by saying: Turn to God! But some of you aren't 'into' religion or God- and I have heard many say ' why doesn't God stop all this then if GOD is so good?" Well people, God isn't going to fix something WE created. We need to take responsibility for the mess we have gotten ourselves into. Help is there for those who ask for it. I know I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't accepted God's assistance for my sorrows in the past. But that's my belief - and you are welcome to join me - but it must be something you seek of your own free will.

Let's all start somewhere- by extending a hand in friendship. By visiting someone lonely, by accepting our new neighbours and extend a warm welcome, by showing your children how to be a good neighbour, do an unselfish act by helping those in need, by picking up the litter in your street- not because YOU put it there but because it ought not to BE there. Be humble - not subservient - but HUMBLE. It is easy to help someone you like or know- be daring and reach out to someone who NEEDS your help - someone you would normally avoid or cross the road for to avoid them.

I know- it starts at home LOVE! Let's all START at HOME and let the message spread out the door and into the street.


  1. I tell you, whenever I hear of racial violence and acts of terror, I am soooo grateful to have been born and raised in New Zealand and to still live here. Funnily enough, last night we went to see (and hear)The Simon & Garfunkel Story on stage at the Aotea Centre in Auckland City. The show was just OK, the harmonies were good, but the most interesting thing to Mike and I was the slide show on a big screen that ran all the way through the production. It showed footage of events from the late 1950s to the mid 1970s - all the racial tension, the bombings, assassinations, flower power, Carnaby Street etc. While it felt quite nostalgic for us both, we were shocked to realise just how much the world HASN'T changed in those 50-60 years. The same old struggles and challenges going on everywhere - including little old New Zealand. Neither of us could think that anything much will change in the next 60 years which is very sobering and saddening. So what can we do? Well I believe we need to start by looking after ourselves and our families; live our best lives and be the best kind of people we can be. You can't like everybody and not everyone will like you, but we don't have to show hatred. Love, care, compassion and a happy attitude are all free. We have to just DO IT and teach the same to our children and grandchildren.

    1. Exactly that - DO IT! BE the LOVE the world needs and live by example. Oh how I would have loved to have been at that show- love their music! Thanks for popping in and hope to see you here again sometime!

  2. Dank je wel! Dit is de weg!

    1. Laten we bidden voor de LIEFDE in de mensheid. Wat er nu allemaal gebeurt is GEEN liefde.!