Monday, 26 June 2017

It's been a while

Last time I wrote was towards the end of April. How time flies when activities crowd the diary!

I enjoyed my time Down Under. Whilst my flight there was fraught with hassles the return trip went fine. Doesn't give me the confidence to use China Eastern Airline again though.

Before leaving to visit the (grand) children I had spent time and energy helping out my brother in law in preparation to his shift into another apartment. This I picked up as I disembarked of the plane 😄! The next weeks were spent painting, paperhanging, packing up old place, unpacking and organising the new set up. My brother in law is single and worked most of the time during this process. Hubbie and I assisted him where possible. It's what you do......!

To say it was hectic would be an understatement. To say the end result justified the means : heck yes!

Still, all 3 of us are 60+ and the energy it took has taken it's toll. So, remedy was : have a holiday to recharge the batteries. And that's what we are doing! Taking a well deserved break - away from everything and everyone. Just the 2 of us.

The European summer is starting to 'hot up' literally. For the past month the weather has been stable, dry and pretty warm. Schools are due to break for the summer break in Nederland shortly. Germany is already in holiday mode. 

Although I don't focus on who does what and why - one thing bothers me during this 'free time season' is that many people ( no, not all) appear to not only leave their work behind but also manners. This morning in the dining room - a holiday reoccuring phenomena. Lots of tables left behind in such a state - uneaten food, spilt food, disarray. It makes me sad as well as wonder how these dining rooms at home look like daily.

Most hotels and holiday resorts serve a buffet style breakfast. People can help themselves to their prefferred food type. Fair enough. But to take more than you can eat? Why not take a small serving and walk back for seconds if still hungry? Why not start with some warm savoury food and then finish with fruit or whatever - even topsie turvie if that's your thing - but to leave so much on plates untouched seems sinful - or wasteful if sin isn't your word.

Anyway, apart from that, which I thought I would mention 😉 thinking it may influence someone in the right direction, holidays are great moments to reconnect with your spouse, children or just with yourself. No plans, timetables or 'must do's! 

We have picked up an activity long not activated - climbing to great heights. Today my feet have managed to leave 15,321 behind on the track up to and down from the Wildseeloder, Tirol. Despite the 29 degrees up the top the breeze cooled us down enough to brave the trek down! Tomorrow another challenge! Now my feet need some TLC and rest...mainly rest 😄


  1. You went to NZ Anita? It has been cold hear but clear. and now off to Austria. we used to go there when I was young. Nice photos. A lot of great experiences you had

    1. Yes, I have been here and there a lot of late Marja. Sounds funny but this is a break to recharge my batteries. My visit to the children and grandchildren plus helping my brother in law shift were hectic times but fun. Enjoying the scenery here. My first experience into Austria. Beautiful.