Monday, 18 December 2017

Online and on paper

In May 2012 I elected to start blogging. My intention was to note down something every day of my 60th year. Well, a hard act to follow. It didn't happen every day. Pity but practically it just wasn't 'do-able'. Still, we are quite a few years on and I do manage to post a blog at regular intervals. Some pauzes wider than others but I do try to keep the momenten going. Occasionally I re-visit the previously posted blogs. I re-read about events, thoughts and even long held beliefs. Interesting. Some thoughts and ideals were obviously raw, long held or newly formed. I can see changes here and there too

My writing style could be described and 'verbal'. I tend to hold a conversation in my mind and place those words on paper, so to speak. Well not only so to speak. I do actually commit my blogs to print. So much joy and pride in receiving my books when they reach my mailbox. I have quite a few blog books adorning my shelves now. The process isn't hard, the prices even for me, as non earner, within reach. The satisfaction I experience is priceless.

Recently I 'went to print' not wanting to wait before I closed off the year. Felt bit fake to write just for the sake of writing so I could print my work. The program I use for this is available to many blog programs. It is called Blog2Print. Not sure whether there are other options available. I've even lent the books out to friends who aren't very internet minded but still want to read the fruits of my imagination. Very flattering.

The shortest day is approaching as is the feast of Christmas and the leap over into a New Year. Both these festive moments have reached their fair share of doom and gloom. My mother dying in the first hour of 2011 and my dear sweet father in law dying 19th December and not being able to be laid to rest till after Boxing Day. It has taken some time to regain that child like enthusiasm to freely and with unbridled joy celebrate these days. This year, which is one of few, I won't be cooking for Christmas dinner being happily tempted to eat out. With my children en grandchildren half a world removed from mine, missing family somehow affects me more than most days ( except for their birthdays when all I want to do is cuddle them and be physically part of the celebrations).

Despite the "missing them" I am surround by others whom I also care deeply about. Yesterday our home was filled with laughter, chatter and lots of noise. It was 'cousins' day. My husband and brother in law have a close family bond with these cousins. We decided to invite them to dinner. Feeding 16? Some thought it a chore to avoid, be afraid of or not even entertain. I reveled in the preparations, the oohs and aahs when they saw the buffet loaded with dishes. Ending 2017 on a high note- well this was certainly one I wouldn't have wanted to miss.

Time has flown. It has been a full on year with lots happening. We celebrated New Year with friends over from Scotland. My brother in law kicked off 2017 by deciding to purchase an other apartment and now lives in the same building as we do. I travelled to see my children and grandchildren in New Zealand and Australia. We, hubby and I, made a trip in the MG to Italy. Most memorable. I am involved in a training for become a Nature Guide for school groups who want to visit our National Park. Hours and hours of our time was spent helping paint, pack, sort out and help brother in law get settled into his new home. I can honestly say, 2017 was full of surprises, joys and sorrows and some events planned but altered at the last moment. It also brought good news and sad! A dear friend has been told that treatment is no longer an option, another is in hospital and my dear, darling, love her to bits aunt died in September.  I also discovered that a friend from years gone by had died at an early age quite affecting me more than I thought possible. Death, when it comes to those close, has a habit of emphasizing one's vulnerability.

But is wasn't all bad news. My grandson from Australia is preparing to visit for 2 months this coming year and a friend from New Zealand is arriving mid June. After a wee while here she and I are off to Wales. My hubby and I have a special celebration in the offing and my 65th birthday is happening while my grandson is here. With all these events in the planning I will have lots to look forward to, share and write about.

This is my last blog for the year 2017. Not quite one a week, 40 in total. Who knows whether I'll meet my weekly target next year. Time will tell.

Wishing you all every joy, fun, laughter, friendship and love this season and the year 2018 to come. Thank you for reading my stories, sending messages and somehow being part of this wonderfully colourful life of mine. Blessings to you all.



  1. Sounds like you had quite a year! I agree, this life is colorful, and quite the adventure. We're learning things all the time, aren't we? May God continue to bless and guide you in the years to come. :)

    1. Thank you Karen, my faithful blog visitor. I am indeed truly blessed and eternally grateful for that. See you in 2018!