Thursday, 22 February 2018

That's what you get for being distracted

Well I never. Almost two thirds of the way through February and this is my first post in 2018. Oh me oh my. So I suppose I could say, " happy New Year dear readers". How is your year going by the way? Full, rewarding and interesting?

Mine certainly is. It isn't as though I've left the planet for a while either. My dutch blog, Ik zie dat zo was updated 4 days ago and has 4 posts to date into 2018. My oma blog, Oma ver weg ( far away) has had 5 posts and was updated today. This is my bi-lingual blog about being a grandmother  at long distance. Then last but not least is my cooking blog, In mijn keuken ( in my kitchen) also updated today and counts 4 posts this year as well. So you see, I have been active, only not HERE!

Why so many different blogs.?Well, think of it as a bookshelf. I'm keeping the topics separate. Makes more sense reading I think. Otherwise you'd be going from oma stories, to baking to thoughts on life and a variation on that mixture of topics. Should you want piece of all the action, feel free to use google translate.

Anyway, I procrastinate. My English blog is there because all my children and grandchildren and many friends don't speak or read Dutch. And I am Dutch by birth and by nature. However, I am also a Dutch -Kiwi and proud of it. So therefor I honour both languages and thinking. There are issues I feel need venting here in Nederland as I do keep up to date with 'things' Down Under or stuff I can translate and makes sense in both worlds. Do you follow? 😊

My goal is to add something worth reading once a week. In all blogs. Some may occasionally get more attention than others. Like my Oma blog. Lots happening there shortly. My then 18 year old Australian grandson is coming to visit me for 8 weeks. Obviously I'll want to empty my thoughts on this matter more regularly. Not only to clear my head but to relate our adventures for others to follow.

Why blog? I have an overactive 'thinking' process. This is quite wearying if one can't offload what one is thinking. As a child I kept exercise books and note books with my thoughts. They've long been discarded due to the many shifts I've had in my life. And, they were seen to be more of a personal possession. Diary like. As these are, but not that personal that others in my family or amongst friends, can't be shared. Having two 'homelands' is this medium ideal to be used to share experiences, happenings and life's insights.

The year is shaping up to be full of exciting happenings. In April, like I mentioned, my grandson is visiting me for the first time. Lots to look forward to and plan. Then in May I turn 65. A milestone. No pension yet as the Dutch Government has seen fit to delay the receiving of that till my 66th and 4 months age. Bother it all. I'll survive but half the fun of becoming 65 is gone. Then there is the summer. My friend Annette is due here from New Zealand. She and I are going to play tourist in my homeland and after that we are off to Wales via Dunkirk. I'll need a holiday after that I am sure!!

Earlier this month my hubby and I had a week in Portugal. Just to get re-acquainted with the sun. Wonderful. Calm before the storm you might say. Now it's time to put the finishing touches to my wish list for my 8 weeks visit from my grandson. Book a few events and get the diary sorted so we don't double up. And as I said, I'll be 65 in May so some days at home wouldn't be a bad thing 😋.
I'm also going to see if I can pass on some favourite recipes while I'm at it. Be fun to be in the kitchen together.

As far as the other preparations for June/July are concerned. Just need to book the ferry for the cross over between Dunkirk and Dover! We've planned the route already. I've bought the map, the selfie stick and tripod. We'll be digital oma's having a ball. Must get rid of heaps of photos off my phone and get more practice making short videos. Never a dull day- that's us!

I'm going to sign off now. Been online most of this afternoon and early evening. Time to rest my eyes and hands. Ttfn ( tatafornow) and keep smiling.

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