Sunday, 10 March 2013

Surrounded by believers

Since returning home to the Netherlands I have ' gathered'  new friendships around me. Some friends accepted me into their circles because of my relationship with Leen, others I met along the way during my journey these past almost 13 years.

When I first arrived I felt very much at home in the daily routines but couldn't find my feet as far as connecting with the church. I did 'enrole'  in the church in my neighbourhood but never received as much as a visit or notification let alone a welcome. During my few visits to attend church I felt very much a stranger  - not even a visitor - and that felt oh so lonely. Something I already was physically and now also spiritually. My life in New Zealand was certainly church and prayerful oriented - connected to a community of like minded and supportive people. Now I felt adrift.

My faith didn't leave me because I couldn't/didn't attend church. It stayed in me, keeping me comfortable and safe. In my lounge I had items for a ' prayer corner'. Small and unobtrusive. It changed within the prayer seasons and was kept interesting.

Over the past years I slowly became surrounded by believers again. I still don't attend a specific church community - but am comfortable with my weekly discussion group and the friendships and learning that have arisen from that.

Why am I writing on this subject? Well recently I read a mail in which someone explained that they ( a couple) had embarked on a pilgrims journey some time ago and "weren't there - yet". Beautiful to read. It made me think of my  faith journey and where I am at.

I have passed many a station without stopping. There were however also plenty of stops on the way- some educative, some emotional, some tough and some so rewarding it gave me hope. I believe that for everyone, this journey of faith takes on different shape and form. Somehow there are those who are continually challenged and others ' appear'  to sail by on quiet waters.

As for me - I am an extremely blessed person, walking my walk taking time to smell the roses. Attempting to be who I am meant to be as shaped by my Creator.

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