Friday, 22 March 2013

One step at a time

Last night, for whatever reason, I woke after a short sleep. As it sometimes happens I was wide awake. Not wanting to wake or disturb my husband, who slept merrily on, I put on some warm woollies and made a mug of hot milk and settled on the couch with a  lovely cuddly rug. And there I was- somewhere around 2am with time for myself to do whatever was of my chosing.

And I chose a book. Not just any book, but a book written by Marja Meijers. Marja has written 5 books with as subject -  The ten commandments. Her approach isn't  - DON'T do this or that, but what one CAN do. I have had this book for some time but seeing the unsettled nature of the past few months I couldn't concentrate. Now I had the space and time to acquaint myself with it's contents.

This particular book, My neighbours house, handles the 10th commandment - "keep your hands of other people's things and don't be jealous of what others have or do"- the contents in plain language and in a nutshell. Marja's other books are also in English and available online for purchase ( in case you were wondering).

At the end of each chapter - as in the other books, Marja gives time for reflection. She suggests things to think about, write and soul search about. So here I was in the wee hours asking myself "have I ever been envious, jealous, covetting what others had?" No way! No, I am not envious of the car next door, of the renovated home friends recently had done, of the high caliber restaurants friends visit as this is their hobby, of the frequent 'warm' holidays planned and executed by acquaintances each year. No me. I wasn't brought up to be like that! Never..... who is kidding who. I am sure we all at some time or another have a  quiet 'I wish that I too...' moment.

Due to my falling eyelids I put the book down and closed my eyes. I could think with them closed. And think I did. My thoughts went to all the things I was grateful for. My children and grandchildren, my relationship, my health, the ability to be able to help others, the chance I have of becoming self supportive with my own small business, the opportunity to share what talents I have with those seeking help. With the possiblity for growth and conquering failings and weaknesses.

More and more frequently I hear people say "in the past ( back then?) life was simpler, we had more time, less distractions, things were better". Imagine that the world stood still, that nothing changed. That we had no possibility to grow and develop our talents. Pretend we still cooked on a wood stove,  not that that is so bad but you get my drift.

In the past ( whenever that was) people struggled with jealously, discontent and envy. And then too, there were people like Marja Meijers who wrote books, shared thoughts and helped us see the light. I am glad I live TODAY, in this world with all it has to offer. I accept the challenges that today brings. I am thankfull for books like those from Marja, to have those words encourage me on my journey.
One step at a time

This evening when I snuggle down on the couch I will pick up the book again and read on keen to see what I am going to be challenged with next. I know I am pleased my neighbours have a safe and sound car to travel in, that the newly decorated house turned out to be all it meant to be. I am keen to hear the stories from the diners and their amazing meals, and, when autumn comes round again, my husband and I are off to a warmer place, paying a visit to the children. Just thinking about that prospect warms my heart.

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