Sunday, 1 September 2013

People needing people

The past few months have been rather turbulent. We have had a few more lows than highs- but nevertheless we remain standing. Others would have liked to see the results otherwise unfortunately. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people who need to lash out, to hurt, humiliate or degrade others. No matter how much time I spend on the matter- I still cannot fathom the motivation. Maybe just as well. All I can come up with that their hearts and souls are dark places where hurt, disappointments and rejections are stored.

I am a peace loving individual. Yes, I have opinions and long held ideals that I, when I have to, defend in discussions. It should also be said that I respect those who have their own held ideals and opinions and everyone has a right to those. This is what makes our world to interesting and challenging. It isn't uncommon for me to adapt my thinking should I be convinced my ideals are somewhat misplaced or need adjusting. What I also am is a positive realist. Someone who realises she doesn't have all the answers to life's questions but someone who is always on the lookout for more insights and truths in life. 

I have reached the ripe age of 60. Recently there were attacks on my and my husband's integrity and honesty that cut to the bone. Looking back I should not have even allowed myself to be so affected by these events- knowing that there was no truth in the matter. We were both so devastated- yet knew none of what was alleged was true. For some reason we were not able to do what some people can do - and that is to ignore such instances. Like water of a duck' s back so to speak!

I am slowly gathering myself- feeling bruised and battered. Most of all disillusioned in those who made the allegations. It has unsettled me and caused sleepless nights. I have recovered enough now, re-found my inner strength and trust in myself, through prayer, meditation and especially with the help of those around me who believe in me (us).

This is the second time in my life I have been so attacked. It took years to find peace within myself- my faith life which was so much part of me had ended up on a slow back burner and I felt uncomfortable and unworthy praying. Luckily for me, that has changed, grown into something beautiful and a richness that I do not plan to let go ever again.

I feel a sadness for those who need to lash out to those around them. There must be so much pain, anguish and sadness in those hearts that the light doesn't get shine there. Who am I to judge? I do my utmost to accept people as they are- it makes for so much diversity in my life and enriches me in so many ways. I watched an episode of Extreme Makeover recently where the ' reason for the renovation' was a young man who was blind and in a wheel chair. His words really struck me when he said " my blindness isn't a disability but an ability. All I see is what's on the inside. I am not distracted by colour, creed in any shape or form. I get to meet the REAL person". How respectful is that?

I wish all those who hurt for whatever reason- peace in their hearts. With a quote I will end this BLOG for today- An old saying which was instilled in me as a child and is still relevant today.

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