Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pre-planning is part of the fun

In February I received an early present from my children. My husband and I are going Down Under for a visit. A 60th birthday present from my three children who all live Down Under. Two in New Zealand, and one in Australia.

Since my last visit in  February of 2011 there have been two grandchildren born- I have yet to embrace them both.

The tickets were booked well in advance- and was necessary so we could plan the break to coincide with my son's work. He and his wife and one son will also be in New Zealand for this wonderful opportunity to reunite us as a family. How awesome is that?

As the summer ebbs away - slowly, we are already planning spring activities. Not here but in New Zealand, where spring is slowly taking hold and winter making room for warmer temperatures and vibrant new colour schemes.

It is time to get our heads around the time frame, wishes and possibilities while we are there. Where, when, who and what are the main themes of these discussions. There are birthdays (4), christenings ( 2) wedding anniversary (1) and part school holidays ( 1 week). Then the desire to catch up with some friends, the drive to see more of the country and the oma activities like baking pancakes and appletaart, doing the school run, going to Plunket with the babies and child minding moments. I get the strong impression we will need a holiday when we get home......

This is an exciting time. I can already feel the butterflies taking up residence now the date is getting closer. I have a few weeks yet- to prepare. Lots to do and in joyful anticipation I am SO thankful my children have made this trip possible.