Monday, 2 June 2014

Almost over......

I hear the cry of the early birds, literally. Gulls and other water birds, looking for their breakfast.Across the water a swan disturbs the quiet by flapping furiously with it's wings on the water's surface- wanting to take off. After a few moments deciding to call off lift off and staying a while longer! The smooth mirror that was now disturbed, ripples appearing across the surface.

The ever so slightest breeze caresses my cheeks. It is so gentle the water doesn't register it's presence. The sun, visually present climbing gently higher and higher against the pale blue and crystal clear sky. It is so quite- almost earth shatteringly so. I am spell bound- inspired and mesmerised by what I am experiencing. I feel the desire to take a photo so I can recall with precision the emotion of this moment. I am almost to afraid to move- scared of disturbing this sacred of moments.

As I turn to pick up my camera from the table I see a young rabbit hop on by. Another gem in this already heavily gifted morning scene. There are a number of these hug-able bunnies around. They are not a disturbing factor at all, adding to the magic of the moment.

An aeroplane which I cannot see but only hear, cruises across the sky- taking with it it's noise as it continues to it's destination far away from here.

As the sun climbs higher and higher I notice it's warmth getting stronger and stronger, licking my toes and creeping up my feet and legs. When I first stepped out the caravan I needed my sunglasses to protect my eyes- even though it was only 6:30am. It appears to have the makings of a sunny and warm day.

It is Monday morning, the day after Ascension weekend. The camping ground is almost deserted except for a few die hards- early holiday makers. They are still asleep, unaware of the beauty I am experiencing. Their loss- my gain. The quiet adds to the beauty of the morning. The dewy grass, the light blue sky, the ever warming sun, the dewdrops slowly running down the awing and windows of the caravan. Slowly the day dawns- bringing with it the promise of a beautiful day. And I got to catch the first glimpse.

Another few hours and my husband and I will be leaving the camping ground too- closing our wee mini holiday and returning home. I notice that mother duck has lead her baby ducklings further afield. We are situated along a huge lake- and some other early birds sail their rather large yacht past our spot. The water ripples and the waves lap against the water's edge. I am aware that the magic of the moment is ebbing away- life and Monday morning is happening.

Time to pack up, to break up camp and return home- closing this chapter with renewed energy and anticipation. All is well with our world.

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