Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Why do you blog?

"Why do you blog?" A friend and I were enjoying a leisurely coffee at a cafe. We hadn't seen each other for a while and it was time for a catch up.

"So why do you?' she continued. Before I could answer she added " I would be ever so embarrassed to let the world in on my life - you just flaunt yourself in pubic and don't seem to care what people think. Do you really believe they want to read about your impressions, ideals and experiences?"

Flaunt, embarrassed!!! I was struck dumb for a moment. Where on earth was this coming from - and where was the conversation going to?

Our, or at least her tirade went on about how privacy, freedom of speech, the written word and the dangers of Internet all had their moment of glory. She wanted me to know how concerned she was and also how negative her experiences had been reading some of the blogs written by these 'so called' experts and their views. Surely I didn't think I was contributing positively to society by being ' one of them".

Well, this was the last topic I thought we would be discussing today. I was completely caught by surprise. My brain was racing trying to discover what had brought on this waterfall of words - gunning for me it seemed and my writing efforts. I tried to make the right noises at the appropriate moments - wanting to hear more while trying to gauge where this was all coming from.

Suddenly it became clear when the item of 'topics' was aired. How did I pick my topics? " I mean", she said " you need to be pretty well informed before you can advise or even pretend to know all there is to know about something". Apparently I had written about a subject close to her heart - winter blues' and this had not been well received. Well, after all, I didn't suffer from it, and where did I get the nerve to write that with the oncoming spring - those negatively affected by the dark months - could now come out of hibernation and enjoy the sunbeams once again. ( in fact that wasn't how I had written the piece but it was how she had interpreted it).

I let it ride - no use defending myself or my writing passion. As we ordered our second coffee my friend leaned over and reached for a weekly left laying on the next table. " Oh", she said, " have you read the latest installment of Anna's Diary - wow, this woman is amazing. I love reading about her escapades".

I suppressed a grin - let's have a muffin with our coffee shall we?


  1. A muffin and coffee, yes, sometimes that is just the thing when you need to change the subject. One thing I have learned through blogging (among other things) is that you don't have to be an expert to share what's on your heart and offer a little info to your readers. Yes, we must be careful in today's technological age, and balance what we say. But you of all people do not come off like a know it all, or conceited in any way. I've always sensed a genuine heart and a love for others. Your passion and excitement about the Lord and your writing is evident as well. I say keep writing as you feel led. God will provide the right balance. That's my two cents, anyway, in case you wanted it. :)

    1. THANK YOU Karen for you kind and wonderful words. I try to be as open and honest as I can be - not only in my writing but also in my daily life.
      My drive to write about all sorts of subjects keeps growing as does the time I spend doing it. My hope is that somewhere, someone, and at some stage is touched by, helped, understood and/or uplifted by something I have shared. Thank you Karen for your support and endorsement. I feel blessed for sure.