Thursday, 20 August 2015

Coming up- something new

The time spent in front of my computer screen and at my desk are increasing.
The summery part to the day arriving later and later.

I love my quiet mornings- relaxed and ever so tranquil.
Less distractions, less pressure to 'get things done'.
It is my personal time - for whatever captures my attention.

Thankful for my nights rest and feeling blessed I have been granted another day.

And now, a new season is upon us and for me the time to re-instal my routines and blog moments. Routines and rituals being an important part of a human's existence. We thrive on rituals - on the known habits and activities that help us recognise who we are and what we are about.

It has taken quite some time for me to 're-find' my feet as I no longer participate in the 'working and get paid for it world'. Sunday to Saturday rolled into one. I now ( most of the time anyway) wake up knowing whether it is Monday or Wednesday and that gives me stability and a certain sense of awareness which I had let go for a period. It helps organise my week and my activities.

During my summer recess I have decided on some cosmetic changes ( not very elaborate I may add) on my blog- a tidy up if you will. A bit like sorting out the drawers and cupboards which have become somewhat scrambled over time.  I actually have quite a number of themes and also being by-lingual, I blog in both my native tongue - dutch, and in my second language ( which I spoke for 30 years) English.

Some topics I translate- others I don't.

What I would however like to carry through on both Blogs, is to introduce other bloggers to you. These bloggers are people whose blogs I read. Thought it might be a nice way to introduce 'new' sources of blog topics for you and also to pay tribute to those who have 'gone before me' and made Blogging the succes it is.

Anyway, I will be sending out some invites shortly - already have one person 'in the line up' and I just know, this person is multi talented and a great read. I feel honoured she has accepted my invitation to 'visit'.

Take care and till we meet again. Have a blessed day and remember...


  1. Good idea Anita, maybe we can unite some down under bloggers with Dutch bloggers :)